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    32 Products That Are So Cute I Almost Can't Stand It

    *Squeals until the end of time*

    1. A darling doggo keyring here to help when it's time to ~fetch~ your keys from the depths of your purse.

    2. Bulbasaur, Charmander, and Squirtle Funko Pop! figures so you can finally catch 'em all.

    3. Or, if the Eeveelutions are more your style as a Pokémon trainer, a glittery enamel pin that you'll be even more excited to receive than a gym badge.

    4. A pack of pastel kitty pens that are super affordable AND adorable — they have freakin' tails on the caps, people!!!

    5. A pretty little pastel cup featuring a sweet animal friend who can't wait to surprise you when you finish your beverage.

    6. A clever window decal to fool anyone into thinking you've got a floofy ride-along.

    7. A hilarious sticker that accurately represents your most important text conversations.

    8. A charming Totoro or No Face AirPod case here to Miyaza-keep your precious Pods safe and sound.

    9. A slow-rising, scented s'more squishy that might be ~s'more~ fun to squish than a real s'more is to eat. Almost.

    10. A wonderfully whimsical monster colander, which must have been designed by a comedic genius. I'd like to take a look inside that person's ~noodle~.

    11. A downright squee-worthy Pusheen makeup brush and holder set for when your disorganized makeup counter is ~Pusheen~ the limits of what's actually acceptable.

    12. Or a Pusheen beret that's a fresh take on a Dr. Suess classic, presenting the world with a cat on a hat.

    13. A 2020 wall calendar featuring a different unlikely animal friendship and the story of how they met each month that's exactly the heaping dose of wholesomeness you need right now.

    14. An unbelievably awww-worthy animal waffle maker that'll make both kids and adults alike wonder why they've ever let breakfast be boring.

    15. OMG-worthy unicorn earrings ear to help you make a ~legendary~ statement with any OOTD.

    16. An absolutely iconic cat cap, which will turn your kitteh into a bunneh, and possibly also into an angry kitteh. They'll forgive you, probably.

    17. A pack of teeny stickers that answer a very important question — what would the Golden Trio of Harry Paw-ter look like as kitties??

    18. Sweet sloth clips plus a string "vine" for them to chillax on and for you to hang your pictures. Your officemates definitely won't be ~slow~ to compliment them.

    19. A set of adorbs owl planters who, unlike most of your Instagram followers, actually give a ~hoot~ about your horticultural endeavors.

    20. A precious and practical makeup brush cleaning mat with a suction cup on the back so you can easily pop it in your sink. Yeah, it's super useful, yadda yadda yadda, but much more importantly, it's CUTE.

    21. A paws-itively genius BFF "necklace" set that includes a human necklace and a keyring for a floofy, toe-bean-possessing friend's collar. Because honestly, it's just rude that the jewelry industry has always assumed our best friends have only two legs.

    22. A totally unique blouse covered in wild animals (including zebras, owls, and raccoons) playing tennis that you're sure to ~love~.

    23. An chonky llama side table who will be a very good boy and do a llama-zing job holding your odds and ends. Bonus points if you name him Kuzco.

    24. A ridiculously affordable cat spoon, which can conveniently perch on your cup and provide a smile on mornings when you're ~feline~ blue.

    25. Colorful socks featuring rollerskating T. rexes that you won't want to hide underneath boots — you'll want to show them off so that all of (pre)history will remember them.

    26. A giant squishy whale shark plush for anyone who knows that the world's largest fish is also the world's cutest. Like, it's krilling me how adorable it is.

    27. A set of ~clucking~ amazing chicken toe socks that are equal parts weird and funny, and tbh, same.

    28. An adventurous astronaut bunny pin who's ready to make one small hop for bunny, one giant hop for bunnykind.

    29. An amazingly detailed Eeyore mini backpack that's sure the be the donkey to happiness, even on days when it looks like rain.

    30. A delightful nail polish-drying animal friend who's here to help your nails look absolutely zoo-tiful.

    31. A set of stationery so precious, you almost won't even want to use it. But you totally should, since these clever cuties combine form and function — they're paper and an envelope all in one!

    32. And finally, a Baby Yoda enamel pin, because I'm honestly not sure what you're doing without one of these in your life.

    Me, you, and everyone after reading this list:

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