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    Say Goodbye To Every Rust Stain In Your Home, Because This $5 Spray Will Make Them All Disappear

    People say Iron Out rust stain remover spray is basically like magic in a bottle. And after you feast your eyes on these before-and-after photos, you'll think so me.

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    You know those icky-as-heck hard water and rust stains that have a tendency to pop up on your surfaces, especially in your bathroom? The ones that make it look like you haven't cleaned in years, even though you're pretty on top of things?


    I'm talking the kind of stains that have major staying power, and may survive pretty much every cleaning product you throw at them. You're starting to think maybe they're invincible, and you're just gonna have to live with all this grossness for the rest of your days.

    But all hope is not lost! If you haven't tried Iron Out rust stain remover spray, a $5 — yes, that's correct — product you can get on Amazon, then there's still a chance you can win this ongoing battle against the evil stain in your tub.


    Most reviewers say they don't even have to scrub once they spray this on — they just let it sit (in a well-ventilated area) and let it work its sorcery-level wonders! It's septic-safe and can be used on a variety of surfaces, from tile to carpeting.

    And why am I so convinced that this spray is the answer to your cleaning prayers? Well, because of the amazing reviews and reviewer photos from folks who say this product seriously saved the day.


    "This is the HOLY GRAIL. We have a VERY high iron concentration in our well water at home and it ends up slowly turning our shower, sink, and toilet a deep orange color over time. We've tried a ton of products to try to fix this issue but nothing works nearly as well as this product. It smells absolutely terrible but works AMAZING. A few spritzes of this and you can watch the orange dissolve away before your eyes. I use this formula for the sink and inside of the shower and use the powder formula for inside the toilet, as that seems to work better there. The smell lingers until you rinse everything down, so definitely have windows open when using this product." —Samantha

    "My bathroom used to embarrass me and this product changed my life! I'd given up on my bathroom and decided that I would just have to accept that I'd never feel comfortable having friends over. It was covered in rust from our hard water and absolutely nothing helped. We tried so many expensive sprays and methods of scrubbing, but it never got anywhere close to white. I wish I'd taken a before-and-after picture, because now our bathtub/toilet/sink are so white and clean that I feel like I could eat off of them. I cried tears of joy over this product. It worked within minutes and only took a little bit of scrubbing on really built-up areas, nothing like the back-hurting scrubbing I've grown used to. If you have a rust-stained bathroom, do not hesitate to buy this product! It will change your entire life. This is the first product I've ever felt the need to write a positive review for, but I had to share the good news!" —Gentry

    Guys, I look at review photos all day, so believe me when I say Iron Out has some of the most satisfying, amazing before-and-after pics around. Just look at this!!! WHOOSH! GONE!

    "Everyone needs this product! I don't write reviews, but I do read them before I buy anything. I just had to write one for this product. Seeing is believing. These are before and after pictures of our bathtub. It was gross and orange rust-stained. Not even Mr. Clean Magic Erasers touched the stains. But now it's shiny and looks brand new. I sprayed it on (yes, it's more of a liquid than a gel but it still works). I came back an hour later and wiped it off. No elbow grease needed. The majority of the rust was gone — the only thing left was soap scum and that easily wiped away. I'll be buying this stuff again!" —NMP

    Do you like hard work? Neither do I. This spray does all of it for you, so you can go watch some Netflix while it does its thing. You barely have to lift a finger — just the finger required to spritz it on!!!

    "Holy heck, it's magic! I bought my house two years ago and the fixture in the downstairs shower always embarrassed me whenever I had a guest stay over. I've tried multiple other products and a massive amount of elbow grease and NOTHING touched the stains on that thing. I bought this stuff, sprayed it on, and left it. I was shocked at the results the next day. I sprayed it one more time, and there's no trace of the staining that was there before. It looks like brand new hardware! I was so skeptical, but I'm SO PLEASANTLY SHOCKED!" —GreenEyedMist

    Look at these incredible photos, with the bottle lying there in the "after" picture like an exhausted hero after battle. Well done, sir.

    "I'm not ashamed of my shower anymore! One year my AC began leaking, and the overflow pipe was over my bathtub, so I was left with an extremely stained tub. For YEARS I tried everything, and nothing worked at all. It took two days and six applications, but I was able to almost completely get rid of the stains. And with only one bottle!" —Amazon Customer

    And I will leave you with this powerful, last set of photos capturing Iron Out going to work, which truly proves there's always hope even when things look bleak.

    "This stuff is magic. It's so easy to use and it works wonders. We have tried everything for our shower and nothing has even came close to working. I bought this and sprayed it on once and pretty much everything was gone! It’s seriously incredible!!" —Felicia Pryor

    Get it from Amazon for $4.97.

    You can also try the powder formula for $12.97 and the toilet bowl cleaning tablets for $10.94, both from Amazon.

    You, after witnessing the power of this wizardry in a bottle:

    Warner Bros.

    The reviews used in this post have been edited for length and clarity.

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