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    30 Instagram-Worthy Things You'll Want To Add To Your Home

    Likes included, free of charge.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A sheet of peel-and-stick marble-effect paper to customize pretty much any of the surfaces in your home — from floors to countertops to drab pieces of decor — and make them look like they belong in a million-dollar listing.

    A before and after of a reviewer's brown countertop covered with the white and gray paper
    reviewer's kitchen countertops covered in the paper

    It can easily be removed and re-stuck if you don't get it perfect on the first try (I feel you)!

    Promising review: "So Pinteresting! I used this adhesive film to turn two cheap Ikea tables into less cheap-looking Ikea tables because I'm not made of money but I would like others to believe I am. Super simple to use and a ton of it for the price; I was really pleased overall. The pattern actually looks like marble, not a weird pixel-y repetitive pattern, so that's great as well." —Spencer House

    Get a 17-inch x 78-inch roll from Amazon for $11.64.

    2. An abstract and artsy shower curtain in a fun bold print, because who says your bathroom can't be just as photo-worthy as the rest of your home?

    the pale pink shower curtain printed with colorful flowers, squiggles, and an abstract face

    Promising review: "Cute shower curtain to mix up the bathroom. The print is very cute and goes well with the light pink tiles in my bathroom. The print is very accurate to the picture, colors are just as vibrant, and the picture is clear. It is as good of a shower curtain as any; not particularly nice but it's not see-through and it dries quickly when it gets wet." —Nicole Adler

    Get it from Amazon for $15.99+ (available in four sizes).

    3. A glam velvet bench to make any entryway, bedroom, or living room look fit for royalty, for just 100 bucks.

    blue tufted bench in an entryway
    pink version at the foot of a bed

    Promising review: "I fell in love with this! Pink is my favorite color and the material is so soft! It was very easy to assemble. I did it all by myself! Very good price also, because other places were charging way more. This is a deal!!" —Miguel Hernandez

    Get it from Amazon for $95.99+ (available in eight colors).

    4. An absolutely incredible bubblegum-blowing animal vase you'll be so obsessed with, it might dominate your grid more than your pet, mirror selfies, and brunch pics *combined*. Okay, almost.

    the tall skinny vases shaped like zebra and giraffe heads with a large pink bubble coming out of their mouths, filled with plants

    Promising review: "So darn cute! I got the giraffe — he adorns my coffee bar area, and everyone comments on him!" —TriL

    Get it from Wowsucculents on Etsy for $49.45 (originally $54.95; available in six animals).

    5. A generous strand of outdoor string lights to set the scene for backyard weddings, BBQs, or even just an no-filter-needed dinner on a perfect, 75-degree night.

    the round bulb string lights over a reviewer's patio
    the lights above an outdoor dining table

    Promising review: "I purchased these for my patio two summers ago and I love them. I put them up in the spring and take them down when it gets too chilly to sit outside. I can’t say how they hold up in the cold temps of winter. But what I can say is that I love these, they are small enough that they don’t hang down too far, and they give off a nice relaxing glow — not too bright. We had a tree fall on our patio last summer and I though for sure they would be ruined, but they held up great; I only lost a handful of bulbs. Once these wear out I will definitely order again." —Danika Ehrenberg

    Get it from Amazon for $15.98+ (available in three lengths and three colors).

    6. A set of adorbs owl planters who probably give more of a ~hoot~ about your horticultural endeavors than most of your followers do, tbh.

    They've got a useful drainage hole at the bottom!

    Promising review: "These are beyond adorable!!! I am obsessed with them. I have them sitting in front of my kitchen sink so I see them regularly. I did name can you not?" —HartLink

    Get a set of six from Amazon for $13.99.

    7. A very complimentary doormat anyone would be happy to have greet them (whether IRL or when scrolling through their feed) after a long day.

    The brown doormat, which reads
    reviewer posing in a cute outfit next to the doormat

    Promising review: "Love this mat! Very minimal, but always brings a smile to faces that see it. Exactly what I was looking for." —luata

    Get it from Amazon for $28.99.

    8. A super personal birthdate candle with a label featuring an in-depth horoscope, character reading, and tarot cards and a scent customized just for your birthday. You'll be so amazed by the accuracy, you'll share with all your followers, friends, and fam immediately.

    the August 15th candle in tall clear jar
    Birthdate Co

    It's from an Asian-owned small business!

    Promising review: "Out of luck this popped up for me on TikTok right when I was looking for a present for my best friend — and let me tell you it's the best present I have ever gotten her!!!! She loves it so much and every time she tells me it's literally her favorite scent in the whole world I get so happy! She's a very specific person with her scents haha, so I was a little nervous to get it, but from the description and having trust in the horoscopes, I knew they'd know what was perfect. So happy I got it and I can't wait to order more for my loved ones!! The horoscope was also on point!!" —Camila D.

    Get it from Birthdate Co. for $38 (available in 365 days).

    9. A stunning and sculptural bar cart with wheels that your guests will be 'gramming along with their cocktails. It also makes for a gorgeous decor piece when not in use!

    two-tiered bar cart with circle frame in gold holding decor in a reviewer's home
    reviewer's cart loaded with wine with Instagram story sticker that says

    Promising review: "This is a great gold bar cart! Reasons why I love it: 1) Great for the price. I spent time looking for a nice cheap bar cart under $200; this was the best for the size and quality (especially in comparison to Wayfair, Ikea, etc.) 2) Large. We wanted something big and two-tiered to fit drinks! This one did the job. Most you’ll find are too small or only one layer (lame). 3) I love the aesthetic. Let’s be real, a bar cart is more form than function and this one is beautiful. Love the circle and rectangular shape." —Cat

    Get it from Amazon for $135.85+ (available in seven colors).

    10. A two-piece desk shelf to turn your desk from a mess of books, papers, and knickknacks in to a lifestyle blogger-worthy example of organization porn.

    the light wood shelf set holding books, succulents, a clock, and a pencil cup

    The part on the left, with the tall wall and perpendicular rectangular compartment is one piece, while the low shelf and open bookcase part on the right is another. You can separate them or squeeze them together however you want! Plus, it comes with everything you need for assembly, including a screwdriver.

    Promising review: "This shelf is so well made. The material is very solid and durable and really good quality. It was easy to assemble and aligned perfectly. So many of these I buy are cheaply made and don't align, so this one is top notch! Also it was much larger than I expected, but the double-shelf design allowed me to adjust it so it would fit. I highly recommend this product to anyone looking for a great shelf for their desk that's beautiful, easy to assemble, affordable, and sturdy!" —Jennie Sydney

    Get it from Amazon for $26.99 (available in four colors).

    11. A retro chic 6-quart, 10-speed KitchenAid mixer that's a double whammy in terms of gorgeous photo potential — you'll want to share snaps of both this beauty on your counter *and* the delicious treats it'll help you create.

    the mint green mixer
    carrot cake cupcakes

    It comes dough hook, wire whip, and flat beater attachments.

    Promising review: "Absolutely love it! I read lots of reviews before buying this mixer. I heard complaints about how loud the motor was and that it was difficult to attach the bowl and attachments. Wow! Were they wrong! This is the easiest mixer to use! I love It! And the noise is actually quieter than my old hand mixer. I would definitely say buy one! The bowl is big enough to make three+ batches of chocolate chip cookie dough. LOVE LOVE LOVE!" —S Walls

    Get it from Amazon for $599+ (available in 21 colors).

    12. A gorgeous bundle of eucalyptus like the ones you may have seen on the grids of your fave influencers and celebs (looking at you, Camila Cabello) that'll provide not only a boho decor touch, but also a soothing, sinus-clearing scent to turn every shower into a spa-like experience.

    the twine-wrapped bundle in a shower

    It's from a Nashville-based small business!

    Promising review: "Smells delicious. A little touch of spa to my cramped little bathroom." —Lindsey Cassidy

    Get it from BotanicaFleur on Etsy for $8+ (available in four sizes).

    13. A small faux succulent in a pretty pot to complete an otherwise bland bookcase, coffee table, or countertop and make it look instantly ~farmhouse chic~. 

    plant in textured white pot on a reviewer's bookshelf
    the plant on reviewer's desk

    The bottom has felt so it won't scratch surfaces.

    Promising review: "I love this (fake) plant! I thought it seemed expensive, but it looks 100% real (my husband and daughter both thought it was real, and my daughter asked if she should water it). It comes in a sturdy, heavy pot. This is worth the extra money (I bought a less-expensive fake succulent from another store and this one looks so much better). I highly recommend this purchase." —Raya

    Get it from Amazon for $28.95.

    14. A gorgeous and affordable cheese board complete with four stainless-steel cheese knives your future guests will think cost you a heck of a lot more ~cheddar~ than it did. The grooves along the side are perfect for holding all kinds of noms and bringing the graze board of your dreams off your feed and into your IRL kitchen.

    Promising review: "I love this board. Everything so compact — no searching for serving utensils, they’re in the drawer. We’ve used many times since we received it. I put it on the coffee table with the cheeses, crackers, pepperoni, etc., all on one board, no bowls or platters!" —Theresa h.

    Get it from Amazon for $34.99.

    15. An amazing personalized letter blanket, because sometimes a piece of paper is not enough to express your love. It's so thoughtful that if you gift it to your S.O. and post a snap, I won't even think of you as that annoying Instagram couple. I will just think of you as my new OTP.

    the blanket printed to look like notebook paper with a love letter written on it
    Personalization Mall

    It's a great gift for family and friends too!

    Promising review: "My wife was so shocked when she open the box to see I had written her a letter on a throw. I believe it was the best gift I've gotten her in our 42 years of marriage." —steve T.

    Get it from Amazon for $39.99+ (originally $69.99+; available in eight sizes and styles).

    16. gold-leg writing desk that's so chic, I feel like it should be used for starting a full-on social media empire, not just my usual workday routine of typing long emails while getting Milano crumbs everywhere.

    the white desk with gold legs
    the desk set up as a vanity, with a puppy lying underneath

    Promising review: "I have a small office that needed a small desk. I also wanted a look that wasn't 'office-y.' This little desk is perfect. It holds a lamp, a plant, a photo, and a candle on the corners with room for my laptop and paperwork on the rest of the surface. The two drawers are adequate. It would also be a great console table in a hallway or a vanity in a bedroom if you hung a mirror above it." —WordGirl

    Get it from Amazon for $169.99 (available in three colors).

    17. Fierce ♫ red lip, classic ♫ print wallpaper so you can have the ideal background for all your OOTD pics without setting foot outside. 

    white wallpaper with red lip print on an accent wall

    Get a 20.5" x 16.5' roll from Novogratz for $40.

    18. An OMG-worthy wall-mounted magnetic chess set that'll earn you tons of likes and comments, and at least two-thirds of them will be Queen's Gambit references. Major bonus points if you put this on the ceiling.

    model using the framed chess board on a wall

    It's from a Colorado-based small business specializing in wall art!

    Promising review: "This gift has changed the dynamics of our household! My husband and I now play chess daily and since the board is on the wall and out of our children’s reach, it’s perfect. It’s a unique and fantastic piece in our home." —alliram02

    Get it from WindingHillsDesigns on Etsy for $58.65 (originally $69).

    19. A sleek and versatile pan with a built-in steamer and colander basket and a spatula that rests right in the handle. It's designed to be able to sear, braise, sauté, boil, fry, and serve all in one, so you'll get a ton of use out of this wonder. But enough about the practical stuff — it's so pretty, it's basically the final push you needed to finally start that cooking account.

    the red pan with lid
    BuzzFeed editor Abby's pan full of paella
    Our Place, Abby Kass/BuzzFeed

    It's got a nontoxic, nonstick coating and a smaller handle and pour spouts at the sides. Honestly, whoever designed this thought of everything. Check out BuzzFeed's full rave review of the Always Pan.

    Promising review: "This pan is EVERYTHING! I went from making pasta in the basket to steaming broccoli in it and then finishing my meal in there. Then I forgot about cleaning it because I’m lazy and the nonstick cleaned up so easily. The sponge they include is incredible — I do all my dishes with it now. Also it looks really cute sitting on my stove all day." —Darby S.

    Get it from Our Place for $145 (available in seven colors).

    20. A super luxe expandable wooden bath caddy here to hold your phone, tablet, book, beverages, candles, snacks, and whatever else you need to turn your tub into a truly heavenly place you'll never want to leave. Just be sure to snap a pic of your setup before you hop in the bubbles.

    Promising review: "Take your baths to the next level! I started doing self-care Sundays and so I bought this! Super cute and has a waterproof coating on it. Comes with slip-resistant stickers so it doesn’t slip off, which is awesome!! For $30 this is great!!!" —rhiannon

    Get it from Amazon for $34.99.

    21. A posh set of 10 neutral, abstract, instantly downloadable art prints so you can create a gallery wall to rival the one your fave influencer just posted in a single afternoon. 

    the black, white, and tan prints including abstract art, faces, a sketch of clasped hands, a leaf, and text that reads

    Kiki & Nim is a Black woman-owned shop that makes so many stylish, instantly downloadable works of art for every room and occasion, including pre-curated gallery walls like this one! Each order comes with JPG files of the designs in four different sizes.

    Promising review: "I love this artwork and the delivery/download experience was super easy." —Bairdness

    Get a set of 10 prints from KikiandNim on Etsy for $16.50 (originally $22).

    22. A sweet sunflower that'll provide three-in-one stemulation for your cat: it's got a scratching post, a dangling toy, and a perch. Plus, the aesthetic is worthy of any ~budding~ catfluencer.

    cat sitting on top of short sunflower perch
    cat next to the perch with a scratching post 'stem'

    Some reviewers recommend anchoring it with a small weight on the back so your silly kitty doesn't knock it over.

    Promising review: "My kitten loves this. She was entertained by the toy for HOURS when I first got it. She still loves it after over a month and doesn’t play with the toy quite as much, but she loves to sit/lay on the top. Super cute, seems durable, and incredibly simple to put together." —Sydney Lambert

    Get it from Amazon for $39.98.

    23. A beautiful decorative tray, which is the perfect backdrop for any flat lay and ideal for showing off a posh perfume, glassware, or jewelry collection.

     blue marble effect rectangular tray holding decorative objects

    Promising review: "Lovely. Easy to clean and looks beautiful on my counter." —Zeke, the Elder

    Get it from Amazon for $19.99 (available in more colors and styles here).

    24. A spotted area rug that's bold but neutral, so it will add depth and interest to pretty much any space. Also, admit it — Emma Stone inspired you and it's time to start introducing the world to your Cruella aesthetic.

    white rug with black Dalmatian spots
    Boutique Rugs

    Use code WED60 at checkout for 60% off!

    Promising review: "This rug is amazing! So soft, great quality, and looks perfect in my kids' playroom! The design is exactly what I was looking for to complete my space. Looks even more adorable now that the kids' things are organized and set up. This rug even cleans well. I had a small spot where my kids got something on the rug; came right up with some soap and a warm towel. I am in love!" —Hannah A.

    Get it from Boutique Rugs for $34.12+ (originally $85.29+; available in four sizes).

    25. A metallic drum coffee table you'll take a ~beat~ to admire every time you pass it, and your followers will do the same every time it shows up on their feed.

    round gold table with flowers and picture frames on it in a reviewer's home
    the table in another reviewer's home
    Hannah/Wayfair, Lisa/Wayfair

    Promising review: "So in love with this table. Looks amazing with all my other furniture. Was packaged very well. Super light item and easy to move around." —Rema

    Get it from Wayfair for $173.99 (originally $183.99; available in two colors).

    26. A super eye-catching rough stone soap dispenser that combines form and function, so you don't have to worry about seemingly boring countertop essentials throwing off your ~vibe~.

    white, green, blue, and pink stone pump bottles

    Promising review: "Absolutely LOVE this!! So unique and instantly upgrades my bathroom counter! Chose sodalite for its properties and it looks beautiful as well. It holds a very small amount of soap. Such a unique product and I hope to buy more for my other bathrooms!!" —ksohpank

    Get it from RockParadise on Etsy for $78 (available in four stones).

    27. A splurge-worthy pastel tufted chaise lounge with a romantic feel, perfect for posing on in a cute empire waist dress a la Daphne Bridgerton.

    pastel pink lounge

    Promising review: "Absolutely stunning. This chair is so well made, looks exactly like the picture, and its gorgeous. I get so many compliments on it." —Pinkdream

    Get it from Walmart for $1,081.82 (available in three colors).

    28. Stunning and eccentric split bowls you won't even want to cover with food. Yes, I know your signature gnocchi always earns a ton of likes, but these might have it beat even when they're empty.

    soup bowl with half white with flower detail design and half blue and white design
    the dish as part of a set on a table

    Get a set of two from 2Modern for $190 (available in three designs).

    29. A set of gold-trimmed agate coasters sure to score comments both IRL and online, all while keeping your coffee table looking its best. Yup, these ~rock~.

    purple, pink, blue, and tan coasters

    Promising review: "Stunning. I got these coasters for a friend as a thank you gift. They were absolutely beautiful in person. The gold rubber rim made these look so expensive. The colors were vibrant and are well shown in the product photos. The coasters came with little adhesive rubber feet which was a bonus." —Jason Herrera

    Get a set of four from Amazon for $41.99.

    30. A regal metal canopy bed, because you're an adult now and deserve to have the bed your mom would never let you have as a kid. Look at her, liking your post all innocent, like she didn't deprive you all those years. Hey, at least she finally learned how to double tap!

    twin bed with gold frame

    Get it from Novogratz for $189+ (available in four sizes and two colors).

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