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    20 Hair Product Before And After Photos That'll Make You Believe In Miracles

    Transform your tresses.

    1. An argan oil hair mask that will make your hair so smooth, Santana will want to sing about it.

    2. An anti-frizz serum to banish every bad hair day with a snap of your fingers (or a pump of the nozzle).

    3. Keratin hair fibers for filling out thin spots in a way that looks totally natural.

    4. A curling iron to give you tresses worthy of an old-school Taylor Swift video.

    5. A volumizing hairspray that people are seriously obsessed with.

    6. A detangling brush for working through those knots that seem impossible.

    7. All-natural henna powder that'll have you saying buh-bye to hair dye.

    8. Devacurl's Supercream Coconut Curl Styler, which seems to actually have superpowers.

    9. This flat iron that even the pros swear by.

    10. A hydrating mask more magical than Sleekeazy's Hair Potion.

    11. An at-home hair cutting kit that won't lead to a style disaster.

    12. A blow dryer attachment that brings the salon to your own damn house.

    13. It's A 10 Miracle Leave-In Product, which even has the word miracle in the name, and you can see why.

    14. These hair extensions that look like the real deal.

    15. Anti-dandruff shampoo to stop you from being a flaky friend, once and for all.

    16. Curling rods which transform your lovely locks overnight.

    17. Argan oil shampoo for making your hair soft as a freaking cloud.

    18. A styling treatment that strengthens, protects from heat, and adds shine all at once.

    19. Multi-purpose coconut oil to keep your hair long, strong, and healthy.

    20. And finally, a brush that will give your pet a Mia-Thermopolis-level makeover.

    Hairs to these magical products and the transformations they've made possible.