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    25 Fabulous Skirts That Are Perfect For Wearing With Tights

    Just because it's winter, doesn't mean you can't wear skirts anymore!!!

    Hey! While we try to keep our posts updated as much as we can, this post was last updated in 2018, so we can't guarantee that the pricing and/or availability of the products featured are accurate. Check out the 2019 version of this post for our most up-to-date skirt recommendations!

    1. A stunning flared midi with pleats and pockets that's just begging to be paired with tights and heels at your next holiday party.

    2. A velvet skater skirt for a festive take on a classic shape.

    3. A kitty-printed skirt everyone will paws to compliment.

    4. A sleek pencil with a slit that'll be great for the office all year round, with or without your trusty tights.

    5. A quirky-printed skater that, paired with opaque tights, will have you giving off major Jessica Day vibes.

    6. A versatile pencil skirt in a scuba material you'll take one look at and say "Watch as I dive in."

    7. A plaid A-line number befitting a vintage vixen such as yourself.

    8. A faux-suede mini you should be easily suede to pair with your favorite pantyhose.

    9. A classic denim mini that'd look so rock 'n' roll with some fishnets.

    10. A go-everywhere knee-length option you can easily dress up or down.

    11. A cutout, scalloped skater skirt for anyone who believes in twirl power.

    12. A sharp wool pencil skirt trimmed with velvet bows that'll have you owning your office like the boss that you are. Bow down, bitches.

    13. A sexy zippered mini so you can check slay off your to-do list now, and continue to rock it without tights come spring.

    14. An elastic-waisted number that'll show the world that florals can be groundbreaking, especially when worn in winter and in velvet form.

    15. As swingy printed number for anyone who rejects the idea that winter fashion should just be basic black 24/7.

    16. A high-waisted suspender skirt that's sexy on its own, but could also be more modest (dare I say even professional) with the right pair of tights.

    17. A Nightmare Before Christmas printed skater for anyone who prefers their holiday season to be a little spooky.

    18. A sequined miniskirt that'd be perfect for a party with a bodysuit and heels or for a chill family holiday dinner with tights, a sweater, and booties.

    19. A luxe-looking mini, which is faux leather but really cute.

    20. A high-low plaid stunner that, with a chunky sweater, heeled ankle boots, and black tights, is the definition of grunge glam.

    21. An OMG-worthy flared skirt featuring doggos in Santa hats that just shot to the top of my Christmas wishlist.

    22. A printed corduroy skirt I think would look so fabulously mod paired with all black — I'm talking tights, turtleneck, boots, the whole kit and caboodle.

    23. A flirty plaid mini that's a little bit naughty, a little bit nice.

    24. A badass faux leather moto skirt I'd love to see paired with some hose in a cool pattern or texture.

    25. And a splurgeworthy, crystal-embellished velvet mini that's what your Blair Waldorf fashion fantasies are made of (especially with lace tights and a headband).

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    Everyone when they see your awesome tights-and-a-skirt ensemble:

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