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    28 Cute Sweater Dresses To Keep You Cozy And Stylish

    The best time to wear a sweater dress...is all the timmmmeeeeee.

    1. A swingy tunic that's cute as a button.

    2. A cowl neck dress with a handkerchief hem that'll come in handy when it's time to wipe up the tears of joy you shed when you realized how comfortable this thing is.

    3. A velvety chenille V-neck so soft, your pup will wonder why you keep petting this dress instead of them.

    4. A comfy, go-everywhere sweatshirt dress that all your fave tees and hoodies are begging you not to buy — they're just jealous.

    5. A richly-hued turtleneck bodycon dress people will think you had to shell out a ton of dough for.

    6. A Clueless-esque drop waist number all your friends will want to borrow, but you won't want to Cher.

    7. A classically stylish midi that proves there's nothing basic about cable (knit).

    8. A ruffle-hem midi for anyone who loves cheap frills.

    9. An asymmetric button-neck number that'll have you feeling all hot under the collar, in a good way.

    10. A patterned mini with pockets that's ideal for people who want to look cute but are always in a hurry — just pop on your trusty tights and boots, and maybe a long necklace for bonus points, and GO!

    11. A quirky printed option to have you singing "bow down, bitches."

    12. A scoop neck colorblocked wonder no one will believe was under $50.

    13. A striped bodycon dress that's 50% sporty, 50% sexy, and 100% cute.

    14. A soft neutral number with a wraparound tie sure to have you saying "that's a wrap" on your search for the perfect winter workwear.

    15. A stripy situation to put a little prep in your step.

    16. A mixed material tunic dress sure to patch up your boring winter wardrobe problems, so you'll definitely be plaid you bought it.

    17. An athletic varsity sweater dress that's almost making me wish I'd played sports in high school.

    18. And a geometric print stunner, which is almost making me wish I'd paid more attention in geometry class in high school.

    19. A funky and colorful midi sure to stand out in a sea of LBDs.

    20. A stretchy AF ribbed mini that does what you thought was impossible — yes, I'm talking about making turtlenecks sexy.

    21. A fuzzy, glittery tinsel dress to have you sparkling more than the tree itself.

    22. A wide-stripe ribbed dress with a slit so your legs have more room to move. Which is good, because this baby is so cute you're gonna wanna do a happy dance.

    23. A sleeveless Fair Isle take even sweater king Neville Longbottom would approve of.

    24. A posh oversized turtleneck dress that basically screams, "Why yes, I DID just get back from a day on the slopes. Please bring me a glass of wine."

    25. An off-the-shoulder option here to shoulder the burden of helping you put together effortlessly chic OOTDs this winter.

    26. A tie-waist balloon sleeve dress that looks high fashion but has a super low price tag.

    27. A dress version of a classic ugly Christmas sweater, which is so adorable it doesn't even deserve to be called ugly.

    28. And a fringe- and paillette-adorned mini that's perfect for a chill NYE party. Yes, it's New Years Eve so you gotta wear sparkle, but staying out past your bedtime requires you to be cozy, too.

    When you can't contain your excitement about the cozy months ahead:

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