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    23 Cute *And* Useful Things From Shop Disney

    Cute *and* useful? You ain't never had a friend — er, product — like these.

    1. An out-of-this-world Yoda mini backpack that's the perfect size — it's not too bulky, but should still fit all your essentials without you having to ~force~ it.

    2. A delightful Winnie The Pooh pencil holder and pencil set to give your workspace a small smackerel of something sweet.

    3. A printed satin Minnie Mouse robe that'll make PJs more presentable and is sure to become a staying in mouse-t have.

    4. A truly magical Mickey waffle maker to get a ~taste~ of the Disney Parks at your very own kitchen table.

    5. A ~sweet~ pot holder and towel set for anyone who wishes they were strolling through Magic Kingdom snacking on a Mickey ice cream bar right now. Same, tbh.

    6. A My Adventure Book replica journal, because you can never have too many journals. Especially ones that make you tear ~up~ just looking at them.

    7. A reusable grocery tote featuring the one and only Baby Yoda. He just asks that you pick up some frogs on your errand run. 😋

    8. A delightful slow cooker bedecked with Pixar characters so you won't need a rat hiding in your hat to help you prepare a gourmet meal.

    9. An absolutely fabulous Lady and the Tramp windbreaker to keep you just the right temperature on breezy spring nights spent eating spaghetti outside.

    10. Seagull salt and pepper shakers that may have you squawking "Mine!" instead of politely requesting someone pass the pepper.

    11. A colorful Chip 'n' Dale jewelry dish with a clever peanut-shaped base and a panel with holes to ~squirrel~ away* all your fave earrings.

    12. A geniusly detailed phone case that is a cover, case, and stand all rolled into one and seriously looks like the VHS tape of your youth. Just make sure your mom doesn't try to sell this one on eBay.

    13. Fierce and funny Stitch socks, because you can never have too many socks, so why not ~experiment~ with some funky ones?

    14. A Pizza Planet popcorn popper that's totally ~claw~-some. You can even turn the alien-printed top upside down to use it as a bowl!

    15. A pineapple Mickey card holder to add a tropical touch to your everyday carry stash.

    16. An adorbs retro pie dish that's microwave and dishwasher safe, so you can spend less time prepping and cleaning and more time devouring your delicious creation.

    17. A clever eye mask with a holographic detail that'll make Minnie look like she's winking or blinking when you move — and help you get some shut-eye, too.

    18. A whimsical whisk and spatula set that reminds me of the My Disney Kitchen computer game I had as a child that I will maintain is one of the best games of all time.

    19. A Toy Story 4 camper-inspired lunchbox to help you or your kiddo keep all your mealtime essentials together — we don't need Forky getting lost again.

    20. A hooded baby towel that might actually get your tot to stop poohpoohing the idea of baths once and for all.

    21. A fun Lion King sheet set here to ensure that the lion won't be the only one who sleeps soundly tonight.

    22. A groovy cooler bag that can hold up to 24 cans so there's enough for your whole ohana.

    23. And an OMG-worthy costume harness for your little pup-monster that's so adorable it's scary.

    Let's hear it for products that are both adorable AND practical!

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