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    32 Pieces Of Clothing You'll Really And Truly Wear All The Time

    Your new spring wardrobe is only a click away!

    1. A breezy ruffled dress for blogger-worthy style that's spot on.

    2. A fab leopard cardi that's exactly the wardrobe update you've been ~on the prowl~ for lately.

    3. A pretty faux-suede moto jacket you can pretend cost way more than it actually did — I won't pas-tell anyone.

    4. A cozy and perfect long-sleeved T-shirt dress that over 4,000 (!!!) reviewers adore.

    5. A soft mini skirt you can dress up or down and that's fit for cordu-royalty.

    6. Cute printed leggings I'm pretty sure will become your new faves. What makes me say that? Oh, nothing much, just a whopping 4,400 positive reviews!!!

    7. A '90s-esque floral slip dress you can do literally anything with. Pop it over a tee or sweater. Wear it by itself with sandals. Layer it under a jacket. Tie a white or denim shirt over it. Or, hell, full-on pretend you're back in the era of Clueless and Dunkaroos and add fishnets and Docs.

    8. An affordable-yet-luxe velvet cami guaranteed to make every layered look approximately 1,536,072 times more fabulous.

    9. A runway-worthy tie front shirt dress your friends will knot believe you got for under $30.

    10. A comfy long-sleeved floral dress that's probably already making you think "Damn, that's cute." But what if I told you that it also has pockets?? Because it does. It has pockets.

    11. A classic collarless coat you'll wear so often, you'll realize you'd have gladly paid double for it.

    12. A gorgeous floral sweatshirt that actually is a groundbreaking piece for spring, in the sense that it looks luxe but costs less than 20 bucks.

    13. A rainbow button down to bring the sunshine even on the rainiest spring days.

    14. A colorblocked tee with a trendy faux-suede pocket at a price that ensures you'll be easily suede to buy it.

    15. A colorful maxi that is comfy enough to pair with flip flops but also has a dramatic back to make it worthy of a party with your close knit crew, too.

    16. A classic Levi's denim jacket you can toss over pretty much anything and look like a style jean-ius.

    17. A cozy jersey maxi that's a perfect blank canvas for just about every single accessory in your closet (and an instant outfit just paired with sandals).

    18. Super cool striped cropped jeans you're sure to ditch your skinny and bootcut pairs for. It's spring! Time to let your ankles breath and show off your shoes, dammit!

    19. A sleek and trendy bodysuit that's basically your favorite tee with a chic upgrade. There'll be no more awkward, bunched-up fabric when you tuck in your top!

    20. A posh pink blazer, which I'm just gonna go ahead and say you should replace your go-to black blazer with from now until fall (or maybe forever).

    21. Drawstring linen shorts ready and willing to become your new summer uniform. Yeah, that's right, they're so cute and comfy you'll break up with your Daisy Dukes for 'em.

    22. A ~super~ cozy graphic sweatshirt sure to have you feeling like a boss long after women's history month is over.

    23. A breezy gingham maxi skirt your Instagram followers should just get used to now, since you'll be posing in it 'til September.

    24. A cropped cardigan so perfect for tossing over any outfit (and saving you from your office's brutal AC), I absolutely would not judge you for buying it in every color.

    25. Cool colorblocked overalls that have got you covered (literally).

    26. A reversible raincoat so you can stay warm and dry both when your outfit needs a pop of pattern and when it calls out for a neutral topper.

    27. A precious plaid overall dress that may have a '90s vibe, but is actually timeless — you can wear it pinafore-ever.

    28. A ruffled high-low skirt you'll rock with different tops for every night out from now until...well, always, since this baby would be equally cute with tights or bare legs.

    29. A beyond chic striped jumpsuit you can pretty much wear as many places as your go-to LBD — work, a party, brunch, a date...the list goes on. Read between the ~lines~ — you can rock it anywhere.

    30. A striped knit hoodie that's just as easy as your go-to cotton one but way more interesting.

    31. Drawstring waist cropped plaid pants for anyone who has ever dreamed of wearing sweats to work — so, everyone.

    32. An embroidered rose sweater that's trendy but also super versatile — you can rock it with the deep V in the front or the back.

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