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    32 Cheap Things To Treat Yourself To Right Now

    A hilarious coloring book, fabulous earrings, a very relatable Funko Pop, and more under-$25 goodies you deserve to add to your cart today.

    1. A silicone ice mold you can fill with water and pop in the freezer to create your own ice roller. It's cute *and* soothing, so it's easy on the eyes in more ways than one.

    reviewer holding ice stick by white base up to face
    purple mold with top removed to show infused ice

    Promising review: "I love what this ice roller does for my skin! I decided to try this because I wake up so puffy especially below my eyes. This not only feels so good and wakes me up in the morning, but it removes much of the puffiness and leaves my skin soft and pink. I’ve only had it four days so far but I’ve used it every day. It’s the highlight of my morning! Try it with different essential oils — smells and feels so good!!" —Blake11

    Get it from Amazon for $14.99+ (available in six colors).

    2. A hilarious flopping pickle cat toy with catnip and silvervine, because clearly this is what your and your cat's lives have been missing. It makes noises and has a motion sensor, so it'll start wiggling when your kitty touches it! And that goofy face is so cute I cannot ~dill~ with it.

    kitten holding pickle toy
    cat bunny kicking the toy

    It's also USB rechargeable!

    Promising review: "HIGHLY recommend! Best cat toy I've ever bought. I cannot recommend this enough; cat loves it more than life itself. They go wild for it." —J

    Get it from Amazon for $12.67.

    3. Or for puppers, a squeaky Gumby toy sure to become their new BFF (sorry, you've been replaced) and result in the cutest pics to ever grace your camera roll.

    pug with plush gumby toy held in his tail
    Pomeranian carrying gumby

    While reviewers say it's decently durable, it won't hold up to heavy chewers and pups should always be supervised when playing with even the best quality plush and/or squeaky toys!

    Promising review: "When my pug discovered Gumby in the box, he was ecstatic and could hardly wait for me to get the tags off! He now drags poor Gumby everywhere, and has fallen asleep snuggled against him. 5 stars for a Gumby with a frozen smile of terror, and a delighted pug! Pros: Gumby is sewn very well, and made to last, unless of course your dog is a fluff-gutting beast, in which case no toy is safe. The material Gumby is made of is super soft, an instant favorite, and the squeaker isn't a high-pitched-shriek-from-hell, it is melodious, as if Gumby is communicating in some way, expressing his disapproval at being dragged through all elements and chewed on constantly. He's a great size! Perfect for little paws and jaws to get around. Excellent length to be used with your Pug Tail Holder™, much to everyone's amusement (except Gumby). Cons: This order is for one (1) Gumby, and not a truckload." —You Don't Know Me, But

    Get it from Amazon for $2.79.

    4. A glam robe so you'll feel posh even when you're just chilling on your couch bingeing Bridgerton yet again before Season 2 drops and thinking of all the things you'd like to do in a library. 👀

    model in royal blue robe

    It's also got pockets for snacks. 😁

    Promising review: "This product deserves the highest possible rating! Honestly, I feel like I paid $100 at Nordstrom or Neiman Marcus — it’s so well-made, the fabric is very soft, and the robe fits so well. There are no loose threads or any imperfections whatsoever. The color is breathtaking! Seriously, just WOW!!!" —Natalia Gucciardo

    Get it from Amazon for $14.99+ (available in women's sizes XS–XXL and in 21 colors).

    5. A whimsical-yet-helpful glasses holder shaped like an animal friend who's happy to try on your glasses when you're not using them. Next time you can't find your specs, remember — they're probably on the flamingo.

    glasses holder shaped like flamingo in a flower crown; glasses sit on flamingo face like he's wearing them
    holder shaped like a koala

    Promising review: "Cutest way to store your glasses. I don't know why storing my glasses in their case is such a hassle, but I like to be able to just reach for them. But they are also unsafe and insecure when they are just sitting on my desk. This little koala solves my problem! He holds my glasses securely and does it in the cutest way possible. Now I can sit at my desk, grab my glasses, and get to work with a smile on my face. And at the end of the day, I just leave them with my koala for safe keeping. Seriously, just get one. I haven't lost my glasses once since I got this." —Bianca

    Get it from Amazon for $12.99+ (available in 11 designs).

    6. A meme-inspired enamel pin that's such a work of art, it belongs in a museum. After all, if there's one scene we want future generations to see on artifacts from our time, it's Woman Yelling At Cat.

    enamel pin of blue and white china tea set with the women on the teapot and table cat on the cup
    Red Cabin Prints/Etsy

    This Portland, Oregon-based small biz makes all kinds of fun, pop-culture-inspired enamel pins.

    Promising review: "LOVE IT! It’s even better in person. 😍" —Elise Miller

    Get it from Red Cabin Prints on Etsy for $14+ (available in two back styles).

    7. A cute lil' denim mini skirt in case you're looking for a spring style staple under $20 (and honestly, who isn't?!?).

    model in light wash body con mini with daisies on it
    model in black skirt

    Promising review: "I absolutely love this skirt! There’s plenty of stretch in the material so it’s comfortable to wear all day (even after a large meal). It’s hard to find fitted skirts that I feel confident in. This is it! I purchased this in the black color and I now want it in the light wash color as well." —Chelsea D.

    Get it from Target for $18 (available in sizes 00–26W and five designs).

    8. A hilarious magnetic AirPawd holder in the form of a posing kitty who'll help you keep your earbuds within reach during the workday. The one downside: your actual cat may wonder why this feline is allowed to sit on your desk and they aren't.

    white cat figurine standing on hind legs and holding an airpod on each paw

    Promising review: "This adorable cat works great and was a huge hit for Christmas. Works as expected, the magnets secure your AirPods when not in use." —kendell

    Get it from Amazon for $9.99 (available in two colors).

    9. Squeeworthy strawberry or avocado press-on nails for the cutest and easiest mani you ever did ~seed~. Getting in on the press-on trend while still feeling unique? Nailed it!

    10. So-sweet-it's-giving-me-a-toothache bunny notecards whose little arms open up to reveal your message and give the recipient a hug on your behalf. These will be a treat for you *and* your friends and fam (when you want to show them ~somebunny~ loves them).

    four designs of cards shaped like bunnies wearing clothes, with arms open
    the cards with long blue envelopes, some with arms open and some with arms closed

    Promising review: "I love how these cards look; they are so cute and fun to send to people. Every time I send one to someone, whether it is for a thank you or just a little note, they always enjoy the card and compliment how cute it is!" —Rene' Swor

    Get 12 cards and envelopes from Amazon for $14.36 (also available in cat and bear versions).

    11. An iconic "This is fine" meme Funko Pop! figure, because you and your desk deserve a cute little buddy who captures your energy while you're at work/reading the news/just plain trying to exist in 2022. 

    Promising review: "Things at work have been super stressful lately, and as a result I’ve been losing morale. This little guy makes me smile whenever I’m sitting at my desk a bit frustrated. The lettering was fine on the mug I received and the paint seems fine. I would keep the cardboard panel with the flames on it to give it better context. I just taped the cardboard flames onto my pencil holder. Love this little guy." —Cheryll

    Get it from Amazon for $15.20.

    12. A sleek faux leather fanny pack that's the perfect combo of cute and practical for all the hikes, trips, and music festivals on your spring social cal.

    green fanny pack with zip compartment and front flap pocket
    reviewer wearing black version

    Promising review: "I love this fanny pack! I resisted for so long, but as a frequent traveler and an ever more frequent bike rider, this has been perfect. I was always getting tangled in my side-satchel-plus-backpack combo, and this has solved everything. It can fit quite a bit of stuff from my phone to my passport and keys and digital camera (Not long enough for a regular wallet tho). I think a quick release buckle would be cool but I always worry someone’s going to unclip it and run off with it in a crowded market, so the belt works for me." —Traveller2

    Get it from Amazon for $7.99+ (available in 20 designs).

    13. Empowering Wonder Woman stud earrings to rock as a daily reminder of how badass you are.

    gold wonder woman logo studs

    Promising review: "Small but mighty. They are perfect for me. Yes they are small but once you put them in your ears they look fine. I was looking for something small like a gold stud and these are perfect." —Wendy Arnold

    Get them from Amazon for $10.86.

    14. rainbow fidget spinner with balls you can take off and reconfigure for different spinning effects (or just for extra fidget goodness). With this, you won't resort to Instagram or a mobile game to give you something to do with your hands while you watch TV, and it'll keep you occupied while allowing you to — *gasp* — actually pay attention to your show.

    spinner with red blue purple pink green and gold balls along side, then several being spun showing the rainbow blur effect
    the toy taken apart and with the colorful balls on the side arranged in different orders

    Because heaven forbid you miss a single NYC Easter egg in Inventing Anna.

    Promising review: "I bought a lot of fidget toys for my daughter at the start of the 2020 school year, to support home school during the pandemic. This one turned out to be the best. It spins well in the hand or on a table. The balls are easily removable but the magnets are strong. The balls do not come off while spinning. The colors are pretty and it has a nice weight to it. The metal might be a little cool to the touch at first in the winter months, but will warm up with play. Overall I really love this sweet little toy! It's got a certain class to it that would make me feel okay having it on my desk or in my office as an adult." —OwlMama

    Get it from Amazon for $11.98.

    15. The Field Guide to Dumb Birds of the Whole Stupid World, a silly tome for anyone who loves (or, I suppose, hates) birds but is bored by typical field guides. This one is full of NSFW names and descriptions for different species that'll have you LOLing even if you never actually go looking for said birds IRL.

    book cover
    page on the red wattlebird, which the author has dubbed the
    Always Fits

    Promising review: "This book was not only hilarious, but also brought back some wonderful memories of summers birdwatching in my front yard with my dad, and all the bird books I borrowed from the library to help identify them. I kinda wish I'd had this book on hand though, because the personality descriptions of some of these birds is spot-on and would have had me rolling! If you're starting a birdwatching journey just for fun, or even just want a quick laugh in between the (not so serious) birdwatching, this is the book for you! It's jam-packed full of snarky facts, and even includes a mini history lesson! I'll have my eyes out for more from this author!" —Jms1662

    Get it from Amazon for $8.51+, Barnes & Noble for $10.99+, Always Fits for $15.95, or Bookshop (to support local booksellers) for $14.67.