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    34 Cheap Things To Treat Your Dad To This Father's Day

    You, seeing the great gifts you can get under $25: "I'm impressed!" Your dad: "Hi Impressed, I'm Dad!"

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    1. A heartfelt fill-in-the-blank journal that'll make even the most aloof dads melt.

    2. Some fancy dark chocolate almonds sure to be the sweetest gift he's ever received.

    3. A sophisticaped map-etched glass so he can sip his favorite beverage while appreciating his favorite city. Because if your dad is anything like mine, the only thing he enjoys more than a cold drink is geeking out over maps.

    4. A super-challenging 1,000-piece road sign jigsaw puzzle that'll allow him to take a road trip from the comfort of his living room.

    5. A LOL-worthy card for the dad who appreciates a good meme...or a good grill paired with a cap and sneakers he's had since the '80s.

    6. A clever ticket stub diary so he can save souvenirs of games, concerts, plays, and more. It even has lined spaces in the margins to write notes about favorite memories.

    7. A handy smart plug that truly lives up to its name: your dad can sync it with his smart home devices or control it through an app to easily turn lights and appliances on and off. He'll never have to yell at anyone to turn the damn lights off ever again!

    8. An all-natural chili-infused honey your spice-loving pops is gonna want to put on everything.

    9. A sharp-looking, water-resistant watch he'll probably think you spent a ton of money on.

    10. A Big Book of Burgers cookbook that'll have him grilling up more creative patties than Bob Belcher himself.

    11. A goofy mug that combines all of his favorite things: grills, bad puns, and the chance to brag about his mad skills. Yes, this is peak dad.

    12. A sampling of scented beard oils so you don't end up in the hairy situation of being stuck without a Father's Day gift.

    13. A sheet of custom stickers featuring the face of family members or pets for a gift that'll stick out from the basic cards your siblings sent.

    14. A professional-looking genealogy chart he can fill in instead of just telling you stories about about your Great-Great-Grandpa Steve for the hundredth time.

    15. Or a pair of socks for the man who confidently owns every terrible one-liner that has ever come out of his mouth.

    16. Or a monthly sock subscription for a toe-tally awesome gift that keeps on giving.

    17. A sweet guitar pick worthy of any dad who totally rocks.

    18. A water-resistant canvas and leather backpack roomy enough to hold all of his dad essentials. He'll use it every day and remember why you're his favorite child.

    19. A luxe shave set because your pops deserves something a cut above his old drugstore razor.

    20. A set of gold foil playing cards as a way to thank your dad for spending countless hours teaching you to play cards and to really show you karat about him.

    21. A lightweight, water-resistant bluetooth speaker so he can jam out wherever he goes. Warning: it may cause him to break out his signature air guitar routine.

    22. A punny tee, because your dad shouldn't have to go fishing for compliments on Father's Day.

    23. A stylish leather bracelet for the dad who's not a regular dad, he's a cool dad.

    24. A chic camera strap so the next time he goes on vacation rocking the classic dad-with-camera-around-his-neck look, he'll at least be ~stylin'~.

    25. A pair of vintagey globe cufflinks if your dad is a sharp-dressing globetrotter. Wait, is your dad James Bond?

    26. An insulated tumbler and set of stainless steel straws for a polished and practical gift he'll love.

    27. A classic baseball glove that you should definitely gift along with an offer to go play a game of catch right away.

    28. Anatomy of a Song: The Oral History of 45 Iconic Hits That Changed Rock, R&B and Pop by music historian Marc Myers, a book that'll give any music-loving dad an inside look at the making of some of his favorite tunes.

    29. A comfy 100% cotton shirt he'll wear all summer long.

    30. A relaxing overnight foot care kit that will make every night feel like a trip to the spa and might just be the cure for his gross, flaky dad feet once and for all.

    31. An innovative carabiner multi-tool any outdoorsy, gadget-loving dad will be super excited to receive.

    32. A set of fascinating wood and metal puzzles of varying difficulties for a challenge your dad may become so obsessed with, he won't do anything else until he solves them all.

    33. A cool graphic tee featuring an X-ray diagram of a Fiat 500 any car geek dad will be wheel-y excited to wear.

    34. A funny (and accurate) personalized wooden postcard that's a card and a gift all in one. He'll love displaying it to remind the world what an awesome kid he has.

    Your dad when you give him one of these awesome gifts:

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