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    28 Cheap And Problem-Solving Products Your Bathroom Deserves

    Flush away your pesky problems with the help of these wonders.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Some may have been sent as samples, but all opinions and reviews are our own. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A motion-activated toilet light that'll make tripping or waking someone up with the bathroom light when you have to pee at 3 a.m. a thing of the past, not to mention bowl over any overnight guests.

    2. A sleek cotton pad and swab holder to keep your sink or vanity not just organized, but looking like a fancy spa bathroom. Now all your makeup application and removal essentials will be in one handy place, and the lid on top will keep your cotton pads clean.

    blue gray holder with two open compartments, one with a lid, and one divided compartment, with the center holding cotton pads and one of the sides holding cotton swabs

    3. A super affordable, game-changing power scrubber that'll leave your bathroom sparkling with basically zero effort on your part.

    4. A genius soap-saving dish so your bars will last way longer and you won't ever have to touch that icky, half-dissolved soap gunk ever again. *Shudders*

    The soap dish on the side of a sink. It's angled downward with little poles to keep the soap in place, but also a channel to funnel residue downward

    5. Oh Yuk jetted tub cleaner that'll clean your jets in just 15 minutes and is named for exactly what you'll say when you see all the gunk that was hiding in them.

    6. The Tubshroom, a simple-yet-genius device to catch all those nasty loose hairs and keep them from clogging your drain. Skeptical? What if I told you this thing has over 20,000 5-STAR REVIEWS?!

    7. Or a snaking tool to free your drain of all the hair that's already there. I've always thought I had a strong stomach for before and after photos, but people, I think we have found my limit.

    8. A simple yet effective "Please put me down" toilet seat sticker, because I'm sure you can think of a *certain person* (or perhaps several) in your household who could use the reminder.

    the small sticker on the top of the lower side of a raised toilet seat

    9. A sleek toilet paper holder featuring a handy basket for storing your phone, a book, wipes, or whatever your on-the-john must-haves are without having to worry about dropping 'em in the bowl.

    10. A Billie razor starter kit, a cult-fave shaving set you can get for just 10 bucks and that BuzzFeed Shopping editors talk about more than pretty much any other product (and we talk about a lot of products). It just might be the solution to your sensitive skin shaving woes, and included magnetic holder is a wayyyy better option than letting your razor sit and get gunky on the side of your tub.

    11. A miraculous automatic bleach toilet cleaning system for anyone who's ever wished their toilet would just clean itself. Once installed, it sends cleaner into the bowl every time you flush!

    A reviewer photo of the installed system, which clips on to the tank and attaches to two of the toilet's internal tubes

    12. Super convenient shower curtain clips to put an end to those small (and not-so-small) bathroom floor floods once and for all.

    13. DampRid moisture absorber, which comes in handy little tubs and is perfect for anyone who always assumed that icky, humid smell was just something they were going to have to live with in their home. Nope, you plus this trusty product are the superhero duo your sticky bathroom has been waiting for.

    A tub of the product on a bathroom counter

    14. A super-affordable rust stain remover that'll miraculously banish even the most impossible stains with zero scrubbing. Because, sing it with me, "I don't want no scrubbing!"

    15. A super-effective and hygienic toilet-cleaning wand with removable antibacterial, deodorizing heads for the cleanest latrine you've ever seen. You might even wonder if all that gunk was ever really there to begin with, or if it was all just a horrible, horrible dream.

    16. A cool and convenient foot scrubber mat that attaches to the side or floor of your tub (or shower) with suction cups so you can easily get your nasty tootsies clean without losing your balance in the shower...and all while giving them a good pampering, too.

    reviewer's foot on gray textured mat

    17. The ToiletShroom, a flexible unclogging tool for anyone who has ever used a traditional plunger and thought "There has GOT to be a better way."

    18. A beyond helpful treat dispensing pad if your pupper despises baths above all else. You can just cover it in a spreadable treat like peanut butter and stick to the wall of your tub to trick your dirty doggo into standing still, so baths will be quick and easy and not an all-afternoon struggle sesh.

    19. A three-tiered organizer, because taking ~steps~ to stay organized doesn't have to mean stashing your products away in a cluttered cabinet where you can never find them.

    The organizer, with shelves that look like a mini set of stairs, with deodorant, a razor, shaving cream, and pill bottles stacked on it

    20. Ingenious double shower hooks that'll allow you to swap out just your curtain or just your liner without having to basically dismantle your whole shower setup every time. Let's leave the shower curtain struggles to the Bates Motel, shall we?

    21. A roomy scrunchie organizer, because your collection has grown immensely due to TikTok's influence and needs to be controlled before it fully dominates your dresser or bathroom countertop.

    the tall wood scrunchie holders

    22. A waterproof notepad for recording all of your vitally important shower thoughts, because your brain never really shuts off. Yes, I would love to belt out some T. Swift while I lather up, but how can I when I'm planning out my next three months of work or thinking of the perfect comeback to that thing someone said to me in sixth grade???

    23. A clever grout-coating pen, because you'll be ~floored~ at how much better you can make your old tile look without having your grout replaced.

    24. The cutest darn cystic-acne-fighting soap you ever did see, made with natural antibacterial and hydrating ingredients. It may look adorable, but your zits are quaking in fear rn — they just can't ~bear~ it. Banishing your acne *and* serving as cute bathroom decor? Wins all around.

    teddy bear shaped soap

    25. A hairbrush-cleaning tool for anyone who, like me, becomes disgusted by hair the second it is no longer attached to a head and always procrastinates cleaning buildup from their brushes so they don't have to — *gasp* — touch it. This thing is willing to deal with that grossness for you.

    26. A trio of absolutely iconic travel-size Schitt sprays, because ew, David, I bet you thought stinking up the bathroom was just an inevitable part of life. Nope — just spritz this oil blend onto the toilet before you go to mask whatever damage you're about to do (especially if you're Roland using the loo in the Rose's motel room).

    three travel size bottles with david's face and "ew, david" on them

    27. A handled pumice stone that over 4,000 reviewers swear by for getting rid of harsh hard water stains without harsh chemicals.

    28. And finally, because you knew it was gonna be in here, the Squatty Potty, a simple yet revolutionary bathroom stool that may change how you pass *your* stool for the rest of your days.

    A model sitting on the toilet using the Squatty Potty, which is white and comes up to about half the height of the toilet. The model has their feet on either side of the stool

    Now you've solved all your bathroom problems, unless you have the misfortune of ending up in a public restroom next to the stingy toilet paper lady from Seinfeld.

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