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    31 Birthday Gifts To Give When You're Totally Stumped

    Or Mother's/Father's Day gifts, anniversary gifts, housewarming gifts, holiday gifts, just because gifts...

    1. Some custom stickers of their pet (or heck, even their face or your face, lol) they're sure to put on EVERYTHING.

    2. Or a pillow of a favorite human or animal face for a gift they'll want to cuddle up with constantly (even when their cat won't oblige) and that I can pretty much guarantee they're not gonna get from anyone else.

    3. A LOL-worthy screaming goat figure who is honestly a very, very big mood, especially these days. Just press him and he lets out a shriek! I mean, who wouldn't want him in their life???

    4. Affordable and adorable fine-tip kitty cat pens you can be absolutely ~paws~itive they'll adore, since these don't sacrifice quality for cuteness.

    5. Spikeball, a fun and easy outdoor game for both kids and adults that anyone with a yard and some extra free time on their hands will have a ~ball~ with.

    6. A One Line A Day journal with space for them to jot down a few sentences every day for five years. The best part? Each date lets them record all five entries on the same page, so they can see the changes in their life each year!

    7. Glossier's new hand cream, a fast-absorbing formula that comes in an adorable squeeze bottle and is scented with the It beauty brand's signature Glossier You fragrance. It's a luxe treat for anyone, whether they're a beauty buff or a more low-maintenance pal who's been washing their hands constantly (same).

    8. A stylish glass etched with a map of their hometown, because if they drink liquids and are from a place, then they're sure to love one of these.

    9. A little book to fill with reasons why you love them, despite the fact that they're basically impossible to shop for.

    10. An acupressure foot massage roller beloved by over 3,000 Amazon reviewers that anyone's tired tootsies will appreciate.

    11. Atlas Coffee Club, a super affordable coffee delivery service with such a cool selection of brews from around the globe, it'll even satisfy the Lorelai Gilmores of the world.

    12. A minimal-chic adjustable cuff bracelet that'll become a regular part of their rotation no matter what their style.

    13. A super challenging gradient puzzle to ensure they'll never be bored again — that is, if you think they're ombré-ve enough to attempt it.

    14. A resplendent birthstone enamel pin in case you're looking for a gift that's personal, under $10, and a total ~gem~.

    15. An amazingly resilient (and affordable) waterproof Bluetooth speaker pretty much anyone will find useful. It simply can't be ~beat~ for use in the shower, on outdoor adventures, or pretty much anywhere.

    16. The BuzzFeed Pero Like X Spiritú gift box, which is full of cool stuff from sustainable, Latinx-owned brands, from hot sauce to beauty products, so it's perfect if you're indecisive about a gift. Plus, each box helps give back to an awesome cause!

    17. Delicate sterling silver and cubic zirconia earrings that even folks who are picky about jewelry will actually wear and love from the ~initial~ moment they unwrap them.

    18. A beyond fuzzy faux fur throw blanket the intended recipient won't need any time to warm up to — no matter if they're a human or a pet.

    19. A pretty terrarium candle that'll surely be the cutest candle they ever did ~seed~.

    20. A classic Rifle Paper Co. lined notebook set that'll allow all their genius ideas to ~bloom~.

    21. A custom-carved four across game for a touching gift that any hard-to-shop-for S.O., newlywed, or other loved one ~wood~ love to receive.

    22. A monogrammed faux leather jewelry case that's sweet and compact and basically a practical piece of art they can display on their dresser.

    23. A set of gold foil playing cards for an entertaining gift they'll actually use and that'll really show you karat about them.

    24. A puffy-sticker making kit that literally any kid or kid at heart will enjoy, because you're never too old to know that puffy stickers are the best kind of stickers.

    25. Beautiful agate coasters sure to ~rock~ their world (and more importantly, protect their precious coffee table).

    26. A professional-looking genealogy chart that'll make a fascinating project for anyone, but especially your fave family member who can fill this in instead of just telling you stories about about your Great-Great-Grandpa Steve for the hundredth time.

    27. A top-rated box of moisturizing bath bombs in 12 different soothing aromas sure to give them a ~scents~ of relaxation.

    28. A very complimentary doormat anyone would be happy to have greet them after a long day.

    29. A sharp-looking waterproof watch that'll match pretty much anyone's personal style and that they'll probably think you spent a ton of money on.

    30. A ravioli and tortellini making kit for anyone who's been getting their cook on in quarantine, even if they're a total beginner at making fresh pasta.

    31. A fun and funky tic-tac-toe set, which'll make a tasteful addition to any family game room and let you put a big X over the "buy this person a b-day gift" note in your planner.

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