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    15 Of The Best Places To Buy Harry Potter Merch

    Accio awesome stuff.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. Hot Topic isn't just the go-to mall store of your emo kid days. Now it's the go-to for licensed HP merch as unique as queen Lovegood herself, including fashion that goes wayyyy beyond tees — I'm talking dresses, swimsuits, and shoes that are stylish enough for the Muggle world.

    Hot Topic

    Why they're great: Most of their cool fandom clothes are available in sizes up to 5X, and they've got plenty of fun accessories and home goods to (Terry) boot. That's not to mention a great stock of holy grail geek brands Funko and Loungefly (let's not talk about how much I overpaid to pre-order the Tonks Funko above on eBay thinking it would be super hard to find).

    Price range: Almost everything under $90

    Get the Luna Lovegood overalls in sizes S-3X for $54.90 or sizes 0X-5X for $59.90 and the Tonks Funko Pop! figure for $15.

    2. Etsy is pretty much like the IRL Diagon Alley or Hogsmeade, since it's a magical place full of everything you could ever want — from jewelry to pins to stickers to home goods — usually made by talented fans themselves!

    Gabigabiheyshop/Etsy, KatieAbey/Etsy, KatahdinStudioDesign/Etsy

    Why they're great: The selection is basically endless, you'll find stuff no other fans will have, AND you'll get to support independent artists and small businesses! Truly magical. Some can't-miss shops you should check out ASAP? KatieAbey, Sunsetroadco, and ImBookishandBakewell.

    Price range: Varies by shop

    Get the book page earrings from Gabigabiheyshop for $16.99, four pairs of the punny house socks from KatieAbey for $30.48 (get an individual pair here), and the wine glass from KatahdinDesignStudio for $14.

    3. Box Lunch, which not only stocks licensed tees, bags, and home and office goodies you won't find anywhere else, but also donates to hunger-fighting charities that'd probably make Hermione proud.

    Box Lunch

    Why they're great: For every $10 you spend, Box Lunch will donate at least one meal to Feeding America and guarantees at least 5 million meals will be donated by the end of January 2021. They're one of the best places to find Loungefly's amazing fandom bags for HP and beyond, and they've got tees and gear for men, women, AND kids. Madam Malkin is shaking.

    Price range: Most products under $80

    Get the Forbidden Forest-printed shirt for $44.90 (available in sizes S-2X) and the pin backpack for $79.90.

    4. Barnes & Noble is more than the Muggle version of Flourish and Blotts. Of course they're a great place to get books, but their selection of toys and collectibles is really what makes them a Potterhead paradise.

    Barnes & Noble

    Why they're great: Lego and Funko collectors will feel like they're looking into the Mirror of Erised and seeing their wildest dreams come true with this one stop-shop for the geeky delights and the books they're based on. Oh, and I am personally thrilled by the magical menagerie of Potter-themed plush, including some I'd never seen before.

    Price range: Most items under $100, but collector's items go up to $395

    Get the Hermione's Patronus Funko Pop! figure for $9.99, the Triwizard dragon challenge Lego set for $29.99, and the Marauder wands set for $159.99.

    5. Amazon, we all know, is the place you can find pretty much everything you'd ever want or need with a simple Summoning Charm...err, search. Naturally that's the case for Potter merch, too.


    Why they're great: Unless you've actually grown up in the startlingly tech-free wizarding world, I feel like I don't need to Mugglesplain Amazon to you. But still, you may not realize how many unique goodies, as well as collector's items, the supersite has to offer. Want some examples? Check out this roundup of Harry Potter products you can get on Amazon.

    Price range: Varies widely, but there are tons of goodies under $50

    Get the Golden Snitch fidget spinner for $11.98, The Unofficial Harry Potter Cookbook for $10.95, and the plush chocolate frog for $39.

    6. WB Shop has official merch for Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts that goes far above beyond the basic logo tees and robes you see everywhere. Wands, PopSockets, games, clothes...consider this a fan's Room of Requirement.

    WB Shop

    Why they're great: Everything is official merch, including the super splurge-worthy replicas of movie props. Also, I just discovered their personalized shop and got my holiday wishlist sorted faster than Draco Malfoy was sorted into Slytherin. Yes, people, you can finally get your own Hogwarts letter. And also a life-size Jude Law Dumbledore to do with what you will. 😉

    (Pssst...the Wizarding World shop is a similar licensed online store, and while it's got a very pretty layout, I find WB Shop easier to navigate).

    Price range: $15–$360

    Get the personalized Hogwarts letter for $24.95+ (available in four sizes), the personalized jersey for $59.95 (available in sizes S-4XL and with the number one or seven on the back; find the other houses and kid's sizes here), and the life-size young Dumbledore cutout for $34.95.

    7. Pottery Barn, Pottery Barn Kids, and Pottery Barn Teen all have an exclusive Potter-themed collection of luxe bedding, decor, kitchenware, and accessories that seems to come straight of your wildest dreams. If you can't actually live at Hogwarts, this may be the next best thing.

    Pottery Barn Teen

    Why they're great: The stuff is beautiful and high quality, so it's quirky and chic at the same dang time. I have several velvety pillows from the line and they're some of my absolute favorite things in my apartment! Plus, they add new stuff regularly.

    Price range: $25–$400

    Get the pin board for $179, the Hedwig beanbag for $189+ (available as just the cover or with the insert included), and the Nagini earring holder for $64.99 (originally $129).

    8. Alex and Ani has an amazing collection of Harry Potter jewelry, and I'm (pretty) sure none of them are cursed or actually Horcruxes.

    Alex and Ani

    Why they're great: I have Alex and Ani bangles that I wear every single day — they're affordable but still nice enough to be a treasured piece of personal jewelry. Their signature bangles are super easy to stack, and their necklaces and rings are all adjustable so you can get the perfect length and fit. Also, you can tell their HP collection was designed by a real fan — it's not just generic lightning bolts and Hallows symbols, but other fave quotes, spells, and magical items, too. The brand and some of the line is also carried on Amazon!

    Price range: $16–$129

    Get the "'After all this time?' 'Always'" bangle set for $59 and the Time Turner necklace for $58.

    9. Target has toys clothes, toys housewares, and of course books and movies. But most importantly, they clearly speak Potterheads' language — shop for products curated by your Hogwarts house!


    Only show me Hufflepuff products, pls and thank you.

    Why they're great: Target is always the place to go for fun and affordable finds and impulse buys, but their selection of delightful Potter products (some of which even I haven't seen before) is making me think the store might also be run by a Legilimens. They're reading my mind and giving me exactly what I want.

    Price range: Pretty much everything under $100

    Get the slipper socks for $12 (available in sizes S/M and M/L) and the reversible sequin pillow for $19.99.

    10. Williams-Sonoma for fantastical cooking tools and sweet treats you'll think Dobby delivered straight from the Hogwarts kitchens.


    Why they're great: I don't really like cooking and I find most kitchen products boring, tbh — but Harry Potter kitchenware might actually make me want to cook, especially since it's made by such a well-respected brand. If you can't work real magic with a wand, work some magic with a Ravenclaw spatula.

    Price range: Under $70

    Get the cookie cutters for $13.56 (originally $16.95) and the sandwich cookies for $24.95.

    11. Boden has an unbelievably adorable line of Harry Potter kids' clothes that honestly makes me mad enough to inflate Aunt Marge every time I see it — why can't they make this perfection in adult sizes???


    Why they're great: Boden is a charming British brand that has great quality (but not overpriced) clothes for kids and adults. Their designs are always whimsical and creative, and the HP collection is no exception. Rude that it wasn't wasn't around when I was a kid but okay.

    Price range: $26–$75

    Get the Hedwig dress for $48 (available in sizes 2-3y–11-12y) and the magical creatures pajamas for $38 (available in sizes 3y–14y).

    12. Kohl's has a surprisingly wide selection of HP tees and other apparel for both adults and kids so you can get everything on your back-to-Hogwarts shopping list.


    Why they're great: The chain store is known for great deals and has lots of sales so you can save some Galleons (and Sickles and Knuts). They even carry Harry Potter Legos!

    Price range: $7–$150

    Get the hair tie set for $11.20 (originally $16) and the Gryffindor suit for $119.99 (available in sizes 40-46 regular).

    13. Redbubble is a perfect destination for fan-made designs, most of which are available on tons of products, from tees to stickers to phone cases to notebooks to pillows. Get ready to ~transfigure~ your whole life into geek heaven.


    Why they're great: Their selection is huge, and of the products I've tried, I find the stickers, tote bags, and posters to be the most exceptional quality. I'm talking the best and most resilient stickers out there (I've moved mine between laptops multiple times), gorgeous glossy posters, and tote bags that can handle a whole day at Comic Con. I also have a great pillow, mug, and notebook from here! It's one of my go-to gift destinations for geeky friends (and for all my friends when they shop for me) because you're bound to find something totally unique.

    Price range: Varies by product type

    Get the AVPM tote bag from lej123 for $23.58+ (available in three sizes) and the sticker from NostalgiaGang for $7.28+ (available in three finishes and four sizes).

    14. Australian brand BlackMilk makes sexy and on-trend Hogwarts-themed gear that's known amongst fashionable fans for selling out quickly when they drop a bewitching new collection. Don't worry, though — they restock often, so sign up for owl updates if your fave thing is out of stock.


    Why they're great: Most pieces are made of the brand's signature smooth and stretchy material. I have a couple of pieces by them (both Harry- and non-Harry related) and both are compliment magnets. I have the overall shorts above in a different print, and they make me feel so cute and are way easier to adjust than other shortalls I've tried. I just recommend sizing up!

    Price range: $29.49–$91.08

    Get the overalls for $71.42 (available in sizes XXS-XL) and the sports bra for $29.49 (originally $38.66).

    15. And finally, The Universal Store is a great option for shopping Wizarding World theme park merch even though you can't visit IRL.

    The Universal Store

    Why they're great: One of the main things you'd do at the theme park (which has dreamy recreations of Hogsmeade and Diagon Alley stores) is shop, right? You might as well treat yourself to the same spree online. In addition to traditional souveniers like toys and apparel, the shop has impressive prop replicas, character wands, and quality costumes and robes. I got my Hufflepuff robe at the Orlando park ages ago and it's held up well — it even has a wand pocket!

    Price range: $12–$375

    Get Hermione's Yule Ball dress for $375 (available in sizes S-XL), The Bertie Bott's for $12, and Hagrid's umbrella for $75.

    When someone says you have too much HP stuff:

    Warner Bros.

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