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    32 Things From Amazon That'll Make Perfect Gifts

    Your one-stop shop for everyone on your list.

    1. Absolutely beautiful Harlem Chocolate Factory brownstone-inspired chocolate bars for anyone who loves chocolate, architecture, NYC, and/or supporting small local businesses. Each of the bars is shaped like a Harlem brownstone building, dusted with gold, and possibly too gorgeous to eat.

    The box, decorated with an image of Harlem buildings, and the six individually wrapped bars

    2. A stunning scarf printed with the design of a famous Post-Impressionist painting (Starry nights? Water lilies? Sunflowers? Yup, they've got 'em all) you should give them if you want your gift-giving to be widely hailed as a ~masterpiece~. Or if your pal just loves to brag about that one art history course they took in college.

    3. A compact and cord-free milk frother so they can turn their morning cup o' joe into a Starbucks-worthy masterpiece at home.

    4. A gorgeous and affordable cheese board complete with four stainless-steel cheese knives that they'll think cost you a heck of a lot more ~cheddar~ than it did.

    The wooden board with grooves for crackers and a knife drawer that slides out

    5. Sparkly jewel-topped, rose gold pens to help them achieve the Pinterest-worthy desk of their dreams.

    6. The gorgeous rainbow knife set that Ms. Gomez uses on Selena + Chef for anyone who's ever dreamed of having their own cooking show.

    7. A set of RIDICULOUSLY cute doggo-shaped mini planters sure to ~breed~ feelings of pure joy in the heart of the recipient.

    The rounded planters shaped like a Golden Retriever, Boston Terrier, Husky, and Bulldog, each holding a small succulent

    8. A puffy-sticker making kit literally any kid or kid at heart will enjoy, because you're never too old to know that puffy stickers are the best kind of stickers.

    9. An ahhh-worthy heat-changing Charmander mug that will show off the starter Pokémon's firepower when they add their hot drink. It's sure to have any anime fan you give it to telling you you're the very best, like no one ever was.

    A diagram that shows how the mug changes from black with Charmander on it to Charmander surrounded by flames when a hot drink is added

    10. Does It Fart?: The Definitive Field Guide to Animal Flatulence, which is sure to have them laughing the second they unwrap it. But it's more than just a joke — it's full of scientific analysis and exploration of that very important question among tons of different species.

    11. A memory foam gel cushion that anyone who's been working from home in an uncomfy chair (and their tush) will thank you for profusely. Look at you, literally saving their butt yet again.

    The cushion on a rolling desk chair

    12. An amazing robot cat toy that'll automatically turn on for 10 minutes every hour an a half to keep kitties busy even when their human's not around. And those few minutes of quiet/distraction from playing with other things around the house? A true gift for said human, too.

    A cat biting at the feather attachment on the antenna sticking up from the two light-up wheels

    13. Artsy face- and hand-shaped drop earrings sure to make your BFF with cool, quirky style say, "Those are so anato-me!"

    14. A professional-looking pizza stone you should give them with one condition — that they share any and all pizza they make with you.

    The large round stone with a pizza on it

    15. A gift set of three vegan, cruelty-free, and hydrating Mented lipsticks in chic but neutral semi-matte shades sure to become go-tos in even the most low-key beauty buff's routine.

    16. A countertop dishwasher for a splurge-worthy gift to anyone with a small kitchen that'll keep on giving. They'll silently thank you every time they don't have to scrub a crusty dish clean by hand.

    17. A charming pom-pom detail sweater your favorite fashionista will spend all winter (and probably some of spring) in.

    18. A bar of fancy French shea butter soap without the fancy price tag. That plus the over 1,500 positive reviews are sure to have you saying "Oui, s'il vous plaît" to putting one in every family member's stocking.

    A stack of the colorful soaps engraved with a bird and "Pre de Provence product of France" logo

    19. A powerful heated shiatsu massager so good, they won't even miss trips to the spa anymore. This is a way better gift anyway, because they can use it over and over again and it's a heck of a lot less pricey.

    20. An absolutely squee-worthy Betsey Johnson bunny backpack for anyone whose two favorite things are fashion and cute animals and who could use a more stylish way to schlep their stuff. Um, I don't happen to be on your holiday shopping list, do I?

    The tan quilted backpack with a front pocket with a bunny face, 3D ears, and a gemstone nose

    21. An adorable mug with a sweet little animal friend waiting at the bottom that's sure to make them smile every time they use it.

    22. Punny "significant otter" socks, which would make a great gift to the person you'd never want to drift away.

    The white and blue socks printed with otters holding hands and little blue hearts

    23. An epic box of 150 gorgeous colored pencils to help your most talented loved one create many a masterpiece.

    24. A beyond soft and cuddly teddy bear with an aww-dorable oversized head that'll bring anyone oversized amounts of joy.

    25. A professional-looking genealogy chart that'll make a fascinating project for anyone, but especially your fave family member who can fill this in instead of just telling you stories about about your Great-Great-Grandpa Steve for the hundredth time.

    The parchment like page with an arched genealogy chart with a side for paternal and a side for maternal ancestors

    26. The Art of Disney: The Golden Age (1937-1961) card book, a collection of 100 gorgeous postcards with artwork from different stages of the animation process of classic Disney films. It's basically a history of Disney in a box, so prepare for geeky gushing.

    27. A classically cool Levi's fleece-lined jean jacket they'll probably toss on the moment they unwrap it and then never take it off till spring.

    28. A downright OMG-worthy rainbow unicorn teapot for the friend who's always spilling the tea on where to find the cutest stuff. Now they can pour it, too.

    The pink, blue, and yellow rainbow-shaped teapot with unicorn figurine on the lid

    29. An Instax Mini Bluetooh phone photo printer that pairs to an app so they can apply Snapchat and Insta-level filters to IRL prints (hopefully of pics with you) that won't disappear in 10 seconds — or even 10 years.

    30. Celebsaid, a pop culture card game played in three teams that'll give your friend who has every iconic movie quote and Drake lyric stored in their long-term memory a chance to truly shine.

    The card game and its box, with an example card asking which celebrity said "King Kong ain't got [expletive] on me!" with the options Omari Hardwick, Denzel Washington. Samuel L. Jackson, and Forest Whitaker

    31. A spacious ring holder and trinket dish for a whimsical prezzie that's also practical. No more losing single stud earrings in the abyss behind their dresser (again).

    32. And a luxe pair of minimal chic chevron earrings they'll want to show off from all ~angles~.

    A model wearing one of the stud earrings in the gold finish. It wraps slightly around the back your earlobe and forms a point about where your piercing is, so it's a stud that looks like a cuff

    Them hardly being able to wait to open your prezzie because they know it will be awesome:

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