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    20 Of The Best Add-On Items You Can Get On Amazon

    Inexpensive little extras that might actually be better than the rest of your order.

    Amazon's "add-on" items are small and inexpensive products that won't ship on their own, but can be purchased with other shipped-by-Amazon items as part of orders over $25. You can get some awesome stuff, and it's an affordable way to impulse buy or try out a product. Hey, you have an Amazon order coming anyway!

    There are a few more important things to know. If one of your fave items is an add-on and you don't want to have to order it with a bunch of other stuff, there are many products you can opt to "Subscribe and Save" — aka receive the item regularly without the $25 requirement. Also, you can always keep add-ons that interest you in your cart and they'll be saved there until you have an order that's eligible to include them. Oh, and if you fall in love with several things in this post, that $25 requirement can also be met with a cart full of only add-on items. Just an idea.

    P.S. for Prime members — if you place an order with $25+-worth of shipped-by-Amazon, Prime-eligible items, any add-on items you throw in the order will get Prime shipping too! 😁

    So now that we've cleared that up, here are some awesome, affordable finds you're definitely gonna want to add to that cart:

    1. DampRid moisture absorber, which comes in handy little tubs that'll mil-dew a great job of keeping the air free of that icky, humid smell that's definitely the worst part of summer.

    2. Divider sticky notes great for studying, note-taking, annotating books, or any other organizational task you face, smarty pants.

    3. A frosting spatula that'll totally take your baking game to the next level (extra Instagram likes are basically included).

    4. Miracle-Gro indoor plant food spikes, which seriously live up to their name. Like, I think even I could keep a plant alive if I tried this stuff (and that's saying something).

    5. A whimsical and helpful little frog sink strainer that's toad-ally ready to help you keep icky food debris out of your drain.

    6. Adorable plastic baggies shaped like mason jars so you can pack the ~artsiest~ lunch of all time.

    7. A Chuckit! Ultra Ball, which is no ordinary ball. It's got over 5,000 positive reviews from pups (okay, fine, their people) who swear by its amazing durability and super fun bounce.

    8. A dangly cat toy aptly called the "Cat Dancer," which may inspire so much joy in your feline, they'll burst into a happy dance.

    9. A set of metallic Sharpies so everything you write will truly shine.

    10. A precious mini Lodge cast iron skillet perfect for whipping up Instagram-worthy desserts or individual eggs.

    11. A pad of clever sticky notes that's actually honest about the struggle of trying to remember things. Will you actually ignore your to-do reminder? Maybe, but at least you tried!

    12. Some classic playing card decks, because it's always good to have some on hand for when boredom (or an awkward conversational lull at a family gathering) strikes this summer.

    13. Top-rated — I'm talking over 1,000 positive reviews — oil pastels for an amazingly affordable throwback to art class.

    14. A super versatile S-biner clip (aka a double carabiner) that can support up to 75 pounds.

    15. A pack of Command strips so you can decorate your walls without making holes or leaving behind any residue.

    16. A Play-Doh factory that'll manufacture fun for you and your favorite kiddo.

    17. A trusty, high-quality pair of scissors, because let's face it — you either always need scissors and don't have them or the ones at your desk are dull from everyone borrowing them all the time because they need scissors and don't have them. It's a vicious cycle.

    18. A classic Rubik's Cube so you'll never be bored again. I dare you to resist looking up a YouTube tutorial on how to solve it — I believe in you.

    19. A super-strong, weather-resistant, easy-to-tear take on duct tape, because when don't you need duct tape? I've always been convinced it can solve anything.

    20. Pretty four-color pens to give you the most organization porn-worthy notes ever.

    Reaching that $25 mark like:

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