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    25 Sex Toys For People Who Are Curious About Them, But Have Never Tried One

    ♫ Feels like the very first time... ♫

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Some may have been sent as samples, but all opinions and reviews are our own. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A compact silicone mini wand vibrator with over 1,500 positive reviews (!!!!) from beginners and sex toy pros alike who have had their minds completely and totally blown. Plus it's small, easy to fit in your nightstand, and has three intuitive buttons.

    2. A double whammy of a toy that's perfect if you're not sure whether you want to try a suction toy or a vibrating one — one end has an oral sex-mimicking clitoral stimulator, and the other is a classic vibe. Plus, reviewers say the lifetime warranty really has them coming back for more.

    The periwinkle toy in water

    3. A starter kit complete with a mini bullet vibe, a vibrating cock ring that can go over both the penis and balls, and a reversible stroker with different textures on either side. Aka, the makings of the sexiest starter pack meme you've ever seen.

    4. A genius pair of strap-on-friendly briefs for anyone who'd feel way more comfortable rocking something that feels like regular undies than they would in a harness. Versatility, we love to see it.

    The green briefs with O-ring in front for strap-on

    5. An affordable dual-stimulating vibe if you want to try out a classic shape, vaginal and clitoral stimulation, and a super-flexible, body-safe silicone member without breaking the bank. It certainly gives you serious ~bang~ for your buck.

    Hand holding the pink rabbit-style toy

    6. A set of Tenga eggs, which open to reveal an awesomely textured, single-use masturbation sleeve and give new meaning to the expression "beat an egg" — even for penis owners who usually just stick to their hands.

    7. The I Rub My Duckie, a seven-speed vibrator that you can easily display in your bathroom and no one will be the wiser. And since the whole duck vibrates, you can play around with where you like the most stimulation. I can't think of a less intimidating first toy, or one more likely to make you ~quack~ up. Yup, this fits the ~bill~.

    The toy, which just looks like a classic rubber duck

    8. A super realistic, flexible dildo that's the perfect size for beginners, for both anal and vaginal use. Plus, it comes with a little bottle of lube so you'll be ready to play right away!

    9. A double-ended, latex-free anal prober so you can figure out ~what what~ you like ~up your butt~.

    Hand holding the prober. one end has graduated beads and one end is smooth

    10. A sultry remote-controlled vibe and panty set for anyone who wants to try out getting (discreetly) sexy in public. Just pop the 12-speed, eight-pattern, waterproof vibe into the adjustable panties' pouch, hand the remote to your partner, and go to town (literally).

    the lace side tie panties and curved purple vibe and remote

    11. A waterproof vibrating silicone starfish friend folks of all body types can easily grind up against to their heart's content and that truly puts the ~naughty~ in nautical.

    12. The California Exotics Butterfly Kiss vibrator for internal and external stimulation that'll make you wanna spread your horizons and your wings, that's for damn sure.

    The blue toy with an insertable bulb and butterfly-shaped external stimulation part

    13. A waterproof, textured cock ring so you can start to experiment with toys with your partner in way that helps you both get off. This bad boy provides clitoral stimulation and is designed to help the wearer last longer.

    A reviewer holding the palm-sized black cock ring with a round attachment about the same diameter as the ring itself

    14. The wow-worthy We-Vibe Tango, aka a cordless, waterproof, rechargeable mini vibe boasting eight body-shaking modes. It's super small, simple, and unintimidating, but is much better quality than some of the cheaper bullets you might find out there.

    15. A powerful, seven-inch vibrator that's shockingly quiet, for anyone who really wants to go at it without fear of their roommates hearing. As for stopping YOURSELF from being noisy, that I can't help you with.

    Hand holding the ridged purple vibe

    16. A clever vibe designed with an ergonomic handle to help beginners get a grip on great internal or external stimulation.

    17. An under-$15 (yes, really) mini G-spot vibe so you can give the world of toys a try and, if you don't like it (I mean, you will, but hypothetically) you'll only be out the price of, like, 1.5 trips to Starbucks.

    Hand holding the small vibe with curved tip in pink

    18. An internally textured stroker so folks on HRT with bottom growth can get off with a toy that's just right for their body.

    19. The We-Vibe Touch, a small, quiet, and gently curved silicone vibe that's the perfect shape to stimulate your clit and labia during sex or when you're on your own. It's also got a handy low power indicator, so there'll be no ~learning curve~ as you get in the habit of remembering to keep your new toy charged.

    20. A Beginner's Bunny, aka a smaller version of an iconic toy that features everything from a gyrating shaft with rotating beads to clit-stimulating bunny ears, plus multiple speeds to give you plenty of ~hop~purtunity to experiment with new ways to get off.

    The purple rabbit in its packaging

    21. A trainer set of butt plugs to help you gradually build up to the backdoor fun your body's been assking for.

    small medium and large curved plugs

    22. A finger vibe so you can get used to the feel of a vibrator during a good-ol'-fashioned fingering session.

    23. Or the Bellesa Finger Pro, for an easy yet "HOLY SHIT"-worthy upgrade to masturbating with your hands. Just pop it on your finger and use the one simple button to move between 10 modes of movement for the tempting tongue-like attachment in the middle.

    The pink toy with a finger loop, textured head, and small "tongue" in the middle

    24. A gorgeous lockable storage case in ~case~ your primary hesitancy to buy a toy is concern about storage out of the way of kids, family members, roommates, etc. This beauty looks like a luxe toiletry case but is made just for sexy stuff, with an antibacterial material, charger slot, and even a pouch for condoms and lube packets.

    25. And finally, some top-rated antibacterial toy cleaner and lube to complete your ~special package~. Because if there's anything you need to know about sex toys, it's to clean them after each use and to USE A WATER-BASED LUBE, PEOPLE!

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