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    34 Basic Pieces Of Clothing That Actually Aren't Boring

    Basic and proud.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Some may have been sent as samples, but all opinions and reviews are our own. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A comfy striped tee with flirty details, like ruffled sleeves and a tie waist you can adjust to make it work with everything from high-waisted skirts to jeans.

    2. An oversized cardigan with classic cable-knit details sure to become your new close-knit BFF.

    3. A tie-front, waffle-knit top to help you master that effortlessly chic vibe, well, effortlessly. You might start to love it just as much as actual waffles. Okay, almost.

    4. Badass leggings with a fishnet underlay you're sure to get caught up in.

    5. Comfy bootcut pants that don't have buttons or zippers (you just pull 'em on), but do have stretch and over 1,700 positive reviews. They also come in tons of cool colors beyond basic black and grey!

    6. A high-neck lace bralette for anyone looking to up their layering game in the cutest (and least bulky) of ways.

    7. A velvet cami that'll make even a simple jeans outfit look like a million bucks and that's a total step up from just tossing on a basic tank.

    8. A cropped cream cable-knit sweater for anyone who's looking to channel their inner Chris Evans.

    9. A comfy T-shirt dress with a pretty asymmetric hemline and over 6,500 positive reviews that put it in a different league than any other basic dress you've seen.

    10. Glam faux-leather leggings that could easily pass for a pricey pair and will make everything — from sweaters to tees to going-out tops — look about a zillion times more posh.

    11. A polished white button-down with rainbow trim that just might make it rain compliments.

    12. A pretty puff sleeve top to pump up the volume (literally) of whatever you pair it with.

    13. A hooded flannel shirt, aka two of your go-to comfy basics rolled into one. Your weekend wardrobe's dreams have come true.

    14. A stunning flared midi skirt with pleats and pockets that over 1,900 reviewers adore.

    15. A stretch denim mini skirt that feels approximately a gazillion times fresher than your boxy jean skirt from high school. Jeanius.

    16. A fleecy reversible hoodie in a chic shape befitting anyone who always rocks the buzziest (and fuzziest) *lewks*.

    17. A super soft jumpsuit that's trendy, but also so comfy you'll feel like you're getting away with wearing a PJ onesie in public.

    18. Striped cropped jeans you can swap in for your basic black jeans with all kinds of outfits to take them to the next level. And don't be afraid to mix prints — these babies with leopard? HECK YES.

    19. A dramatic waterfall cardi to help you make a regal entrance everywhere you go, queen.

    20. A vegan leather moto jacket with a stylish athletic stripe detail that'll make it even cooler than a classic moto jacket, which I bet you didn't even think was possible.

    21. A gorgeous lace cocktail number that basically reinvents the LBD and LRD (little red dress). Yes, they're classics for a reason, but the lace and flirty neckline of this beauty makes it next-level.

    22. A super soft leopard panel fleece you'll find yourself pulling over all your outfits from now till April because 1) LEOPARD IS A NEUTRAL, PEOPLE and 2) you won't even be sad to cover up the rest of your outfit with this cutie.

    23. A lightweight open-front sweater that's not a regular cardigan, it's an embellished cardigan. The boho ruffles, stitching, and trim are a bonus tas-selling point.

    24. A timeless tie-front blazer, which may get you mistaken for the CEO when you strut into the office rocking it.

    25. An affordable and classic wrap dress that's just as chic and versatile as the designer alternative.

    26. An upgraded LBD with oversized lace-up details sure to ~shift~ everyone's focus to your effortlessly chic ensemble.

    27. A sleek double-breasted blazer from Nordstrom's collab with influencer Blair Eadie that'll basically make an OOTD photo non-optional.

    28. A sexy bodysuit that's way easier to tuck into jeans and skirts than a basic black tee, and way more party-ready, too.

    29. A BuzzFeed Tasty basic crewneck T-shirt featuring a (technically) basic recipe for a food that could never be boring. If I ever say I'm tired of grilled cheese, call the police — I'm clearly an imposter.

    30. An oversized denim shirt that's just as versatile as any chambray topper, but with a precious twist. It's printed with your favorite breed of pup, so you'll have a ~ruff~ time finding a cuter shirt than this.

    31. A versatile and soft tee with a faux suede pocket that you should definitely colorblock off some time in your sartorial schedule to rock.

    32. Paper bag waist jean shorts, because plain old Daisy Dukes have already had their moment in the sun (literally).

    33. A relaxed button down sprinkled with sequins and beading, because even on dressed-down days, you're not content unless you stand out.

    34. A super high-fashion take on a utility jacket by It label Ganni you can toss over A) jeans, B) a floral dress, C) leggings to run errands in style, and D) ALL OF THE ABOVE.

    Looking at your old wardrobe staples after you upgrade to these cool versions:

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