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    31 Basic Pieces Of Clothing That Actually Aren't Boring

    These belong in *every* wardrobe.

    Unless otherwise specified, all sizes in this post are listed in women's.

    1. A sweet and workday-ready keyhole top great for layering under jackets and sure to ~unlock~ a whole lotta compliments.

    2. A tie-front, waffle-knit top to help you master that effortlessly chic vibe, well, effortlessly. You might start to love it just as much as actual waffles. Okay, almost.

    3. A subtly rainbow button-front cardigan that'll match every dang top and dress you own.

    Model wearing the tan and rainbow marl cardi

    4. A comfy striped tee with flirty details, like ruffled sleeves and a tie waist you can adjust to make it work with everything from high-waisted skirts to jeans.

    5. Slouchy but polished belted dress shorts that'll make any OOTD look way more put-together than if you'd opted for your usual jean shorts.

    6. A faux-shearling, vegan leather moto jacket you can pop over pretty much anything in your wardrobe to infuse it with some badass attitude (not to mention stay warm).

    A model wearing the boxy black jacket with faux shearling details over a floral dress

    7. An oversized cardigan with classic cable-knit details sure to become your new close-knit BFF.

    8. A super soft leopard panel fleece you'll find yourself pulling over all your outfits from now till April because 1) LEOPARD IS A NEUTRAL, PEOPLE and 2) you won't even be sad to cover up the rest of your outfit with this cutie.

    9. A timeless tie-front blazer, which may get you mistaken for the CEO when you log into the Zoom meeting rocking it.

    A model wearing the black blazer

    10. Comfy bootcut pants that don't have buttons or zippers (you just pull 'em on), but do have stretch and over 2,000 positive reviews. They also come in tons of cool colors beyond basic black and grey!

    11. A comfy T-shirt dress with a pretty asymmetric hemline and over 5,000 5-star reviews that put it in a different league than any other basic dress you've seen.

    12. A raw-hemmed denim tunic shirtdress ready to serve as a jean-ius blank canvas to your fabulous shoe and accessory collection.

    A model wearing the long-sleeved mini dress with frayed cuffs in light wash denim

    13. A super cool and sustainable pair of upcycled overalls that are actually made from two pairs of old jeans cut up and sewn together, and the straps are vintage suspenders. Yeah, these rule ~overall~ the plain denim pairs you'd find in stores.

    14. A glam-but-versatile flared midi skirt with pleats and pockets that over 2,000 reviewers adore.

    15. A cute pair of bike shorts (aka the loungewear staples you've been living in) in a sweet gingham print everyone in your virtual workout class will be ~check~ing out.

    A model wearing the high-waisted, lower-thigh-length shorts

    16. Glam faux-leather leggings that could easily pass for a pricey pair and will make everything — from sweaters to tees to going-out tops — look about a zillion times more posh.

    17. A upgraded LBD with oversized lace-up details sure to ~shift~ everyone's focus to your effortlessly chic ensemble.

    A model wearing the sleeveless dress with oversized sneaker-like lace-up detail at the neck in black

    18. A dramatic waterfall cardi to help you make a regal entrance everywhere you go, queen.

    19. A super soft jumpsuit that's trendy, but also so comfy you'll feel like you're getting away with wearing a PJ onesie in public.

    20. A pullover sweatshirt with on-trend pink and blue athletic stripe details to give it some extra style. Love this as part of a sweatsuit, of course, but I'd really love to see it paired with jeans and a statement necklace post-quarantine.

    Model wearing the gray sweatshirt with pink, navy, and white stripes along sleeves

    21. A gorgeous lace cocktail number that basically reinvents the LBD and LRD (little red dress). Yes, they're classics for a reason, but the lace and flirty neckline of this beauty makes it next-level.

    22. A posh blazer with gold buttons guaranteed to become a staple in your closet and help you ~blaze~ new sartorial trails.

    A reviewer styling the black blazer three different ways, with jeans, white jeans, and shorts

    23. A comfy polo dress that looks a little more polished than the oversized T-shirt dress you already own, but will be just as cute paired with your favorite sneakers.

    24. An A-line skirt with pockets you can tuck all kinds of tops into to give them an instantly luxe feel, thanks to the the gorgeous velvet material.

    Model wearing the knee-length skirt in mustard yellow

    25. A versatile and soft tee with a faux suede pocket that you should definitely colorblock off some time in your sartorial schedule to rock.

    26. A classic power suit that comes with an equally boss hot pink belt bag to finish off the perfect minimal-chic look. You get major bang for your buck, since you can also rock all three versatile pieces on their own!

    Model wearing the black blazer, slim pants, and belt bag

    27. An oversized denim shirt just as versatile as any chambray topper, but with a precious twist. It's embroidered with your favorite breed of pup, so you'll have a ~ruff~ time finding a cuter shirt than this.

    28. Amazingly affordable Levi's wide leg jeans with a retro button fly and cute cropped hem for showing off a great pair of shoes.

    A model wearing the medium wash jeans

    29. A lightweight open-front sweater that's not a regular cardigan, it's an embellished cardigan. The boho ruffles, stitching, and trim are a bonus tas-selling point.

    30. A BuzzFeed Tasty basic crewneck T-shirt featuring a (technically) basic recipe for a food that could never be boring. If I ever say I'm tired of grilled cheese, call the police — I'm clearly an imposter.

    The black tee with white text reading "butter & bread & cheese & bread & butter" with the Tasty logo

    31. An affordable and classic wrap dress that's just as chic and versatile as the designer alternative.

    Looking at your old wardrobe staples after you upgrade to these cool versions:

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