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    Attention Fashionistas: Forever 21's Valentine's Day Sale Is More Exciting Than Any Date You've Got Planned

    Finding great deals on cute clothes > having an S.O., tbh.

    Hello friends! Valentine's Day is almost upon us, and whether you're super single or madly in lurrrvvveee, I know a way to celebrate you'll DEFINITELY be excited about. I'm talking about shopping Forever 21's 30% off sale on tons of cute stuff, happening now through V-Day!!!

    1. A long ribbed cardigan you'll wear all the time.

    2. Glam leopard sandals sure to satisfy anyone who's ~on the prowl~ for some super sexy footwear.

    3. Pastel-striped lounge shorts that are under $10, but you'll wear them basically every day, so the cost-per-wear will be basically zilch.

    4. A chic shirtdress to show olive your coworkers who's boss.

    5. A lovely quilted backpack for anyone who's so over carrying their heart on their sleeve. In 2019, it's all about carrying it on your back.

    6. A sleek faux leather mini that's not a regular LBD, it's a cool LBD.

    7. A ribbed bodycon turtleneck dress you can dress up with heels for a night out or down with a jacket, tights, and boots for every day.

    8. A pretty striped robe that's the perfect excuse to never leave your couch.

    9. Adorable unicorn PJs you'll wish you'd had back when slumber parties were a more common part of your life.

    10. A cool graphic tote that's probably a little bit more within your budget than a spontaneous trip across the globe.

    11. A romantic satiny number with a side slit, halter neckline, and subtle floral print for a look befitting a classic movie star.

    12. A luxe velvet PJ set that looks way more expensive than it is.

    13. A sultry lace teddy made for date night.

    14. A comfy knit swing dress that's easy, breezy, and under $10. Why don't you own it already!??!

    15. A long-sleeved crop top to help you take your layering game to the next level.

    16. A smocked jumpsuit printed with little hearts that I've totally got a crush on.

    17. Caged velvet peep toes that'll instantly refresh your old favorite party dress.

    18. A sexy lace-trimmed slip perfect for wearing when you're chilling by yourself or when you have ~company~.

    19. Cheeky lace undies from fashion blogger Gabi Fresh's lingerie line that you total deserve to own, no butts about it.

    20. A quirky polka-dotted number with vented sleeves that's sure to cheer you up — not only is the print super fun, but this baby will always listen when you need to vent.

    21. Leopard print joggers that may be loungewear, but I don't think it would be too ~wild~ to wear them out of the house, too.

    22. A bright and fuzzy sweater dress to bring an extra ray of sunshine to your day.

    23. A fab quilted belt bag that's sick and tired of fanny packs getting a frumpy reputation and is here to prove the haters wrong.

    24. A cozy pajama romper sure to provide you with very fashionable dreams.

    25. An asymmetric dress that may have a cold shoulder detail, but is hot hot hot.

    26. A sporty bra and undies set you're totally allowed to rock even if your credit card is the only thing that's gotten a workout lately.

    27. And a dramatic, embellished mesh dress that's extra in the best possible way, just like you.

    Here's to the best Valentine's Day ever!

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