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    You Can Stop Looking, I Found Your New Favorite Pair Of Slippers And They're Only $18

    Take your feet to their happy place.

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    Tell me, dear reader, why is it that I can be at home and perfectly comfortable in every respect, except my feet are FREEZING!?!


    I can't explain it, but the snuggle struggle is real. Thus, a great pair of slippers is a must for anyone who experiences winter and/or just likes to be cozy (so yeah, everyone). And ideally, these wouldn't be just any slippers. They'd be the kind that are soft and fuzzy, cute, and are easy to slip on but still actually stay the heck on your feet.


    Well folks, I think I may have found a pair that not only fit the bill, but go above and beyond. These cute and fuzzy Ultraideas memory foam fleece slippers check all the boxes, including affordability — they're only 18 bucks!


    They've got so many perfect features it'll be hard to pick a favorite. Perhaps you'll fall for the fleece lining that looks sharp and keeps you toasty? The memory foam sole that'll never forget the shape of your cute feet? The fact that they slip on but have a little rim on the back so they won't slide off when you have to (*groan*) get up off the couch? That they're machine washable? How lightweight they are? Or maybe you're totally wooed by how they have hard, nonslip, waterproof soles so they can also be worn outside? Same.

    I hear you — all that sounds great and these slippers certainly seem to talk the talk, but can they really walk the walk? Well, according to over 1,500 promising reviews, yes they freaking can.


    "The reviews speak for themselves. I'm super picky about my house shoes, and for the past three-ish years I've been using Happy Feet slippers. They felt like I was walking on a cloud, but they always got worn out much faster than I expected. I went on a search to find a better pair. These Ultraideas slippers are incredible! They're warm, but not sweaty. They're firm, but not hard. I don't typically like slippers without a back, but the very low back on these is enough to keep your feet inside the slipper and still give your feet room to breathe so they don't get hot." —Taylor

    "I typically wear a women's 12 or 13, or in a fit of desperation, a men's 10-12. It all depends on brand, heel, arch, etc. Since these were a thick material and available in an 11-12, I ordered them on a whim and expected to have to ship them back, especially when I got them and realized that they had a small heel rim in the back that would hurt my foot if they were too small. Boy was I surprised when my toes just barely curled inside them. They're the best-fitting slippers I've owned. They may be a half size too small, but as I'm very been walking in them for a few days and compressing the foam, they're fitting better and better. I've only had them two days, so I can only imagine how well they'll fit in a week. All in all, great slippers." —Shn4zy

    "Mine are just right! They never felt too small, though they were a closer fit for a day or two than they are now. Now, they're perfect. In addition to loving how they fit me, I also love the look of them and the softness of the material. I don't like slippers that make my feet HOT, and I'm happy to say these keep them warm without overheating. I have a new favorite brand." —IM1LuckyWoman

    These babies were made for putting your feet up, both literally and figuratively. After days of lounging around in them, I know the last thing you'd want to do is have to expend elbow grease to get them clean. Reviewers looooovveee the fact that you can just toss 'em in the washing machine.,

    Left photo review: "Best pair of slippers I have ever owned. They're EXACTLY what I was looking for. They slide on and off easily, but they don't fall off when I'm walking around. The plush inside feels nice, and they've got a hard sole, so I can wear them to take out the trash. They wash easily — I just put them through the washer/dryer with a load of laundry and they're good as new! I'm preemptively purchasing another pair for when these wear out." —Elizabeth J Morris

    Right photo review: "The slippers just arrived today and I'm very happy with the fit as well as the look of them. They're super cozy and cushiony, but I believe they’ll wear down quickly with how much I’ll wear them. I’m okay with that, though, because the price is reasonable! Update: Six months later and these slippers are still amazing! I do throw them in the wash every now and then just to freshen them up, as I wear them every second that I’m home. I’ll probably order a new pair soon, because even with the wash they do get a little stinky and they are worn down inside, but at this price it’s totally worth it!" —Breanna

    And the combination of soft and sturdy? Um, yes.,

    Left photo review: "The hard sole is exactly what I was on the hunt for, but I was concerned they'd be heavy. But these are sooooo cute! I highly recommend them. They're super soft on the inside and very lightweight. I'm very happy with my purchase." —Cody Stephens

    Right photos review: "I bought these slippers almost a year ago, and I've worn the absolute crap out of them. The second I get home (which is about 5 pm) to the second I go to bed (which is usually 11) and every morning before work (which is about an hour), I'm wearing these things. I've worn them all over the house every night after work, all day on weekends, and I've worn them outside. They're really durable and super comfortable. I've officially worn them down to the point where I'm thinking about ordering a new pair, and I'll probably get the same ones!" —Sadie Brown

    TL;DR, these slippers have got it all, all the other slippers were probably jealous of them in high school, your feet will love them, you will love them, I rest my case (and my feet).


    "I bought these slippers to wear to the hospital for labor and delivery. I wanted something with non-skid bottoms to make walking the halls safe without having to bring shoes that I'd have to take on and off. These will be perfect to slip on and off my feet as needed. The quality of everything is great, especially the soles. They seem very durable, like they'll last a long time without wearing out. You could easily use these for indoor/outdoor use and wear them outside or out to your garage." —Sam

    Get them from Amazon for $17.99+ (available in sizes 5/6-11/12 and in six colors).

    Just be warned — purchase of these slippers may cause a case of happy feet.

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    The reviews used in this post have been edited for length and clarity.

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