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    31 Amazing Things To Add To Your Wardrobe In 2019

    2019? More like twenty fine-teen.

    1. A classy blouse guaranteed to win you the best dressed title in your office by a landslide — it won't be a tie.

    2. A sexy plaid sheath that might have better social skills than I do, tbh — it can go from a meeting to a bar with perfect ease.

    3. A comfy T-shirt dress with over 3,500 positive reviews that'll make the perfect backdrop to all kinds of experiments in accessorizing this year.

    4. Wide-leg jeans that seriously put the "cool" in culottes.

    5. The perfect pair of basic ballet flats — you know, the ones you've been searching for your whole life.

    6. A gorgeous wrap maxi dress that you can totally dress up or down. Either way, prepare for compliments.

    7. A luxe velvet hoodie, because your beat-up old cotton hoodies are so 2018.

    8. A wide-striped cardi you'll want to pas-tell all your friends about.

    9. A go-everywhere knit jacket that probably won't leave your body till 2020.

    10. A beautiful druzy statement necklace you can rock with pretty much any ensemble for a glam touch.

    11. A sexy yet work-appropriate dress made for showing off your stripes.

    12. A groovy cutout jumpsuit with retro flair, because even though it's a new year it's important to learn from the past (in fashion as well as life).

    13. A leopard sweater you can toss over even the most basic outfits to suddenly create a meow-velous look.

    14. Fun statement earrings, because I hear your lobes made a New Year's resolution to ban basic studs.

    15. A high-neck lace bralette for anyone looking to up their layering game in the cutest (and least bulky) of ways.

    16. Studded booties to help you buckle up for an awesome year.

    17. Cozy and trendy joggers that'll send your basic sweats into retirement.

    18. A strappy satin dress sure to have all eyes on you — which is where they belong, tbh.

    19. A soft tee with a faux suede pocket that you should definitely colorblock off some time in your sartorial schedule to rock.

    20. A sleek tie-waist jumpsuit ready to tag along to your next fancy party, because why should dresses get to have all the fun?

    21. A classic coat in a bold hue that'll actually make the last couple months of winter bearable.

    22. A bold bomber so cool and affordable, it'll blow your mind.

    23. An amazingly affordable pieced faux leather mini you're definitely gonna want a piece of.

    24. Tweed sneakers ready to kick your casual wear up a notch.

    25. A radiant rainbow sweater to brighten your mood on cloudy days.

    26. A mini suitcase bag ready to accompany you on all your adventures.

    27. A sequined tee you should definitely pair with jeans. If you learn nothing else this year, learn the wonders of wearing sequins during the day.

    28. A gloriously geeky Disney-meets-video-games tee for a totally badass year ahead.

    29. A bright crossbody doctor bag to cure you of the wardrobe blahs.

    30. A popcorn knit sweater for a look that's totally classic and not at all corny.

    31. And a mod, embellished pencil skirt that came this close to making me exclaim "Oh my god" out loud when I laid my eyes upon its beauty.

    Now go forth into 2019 and slay!!!

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