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    25 Adorable Pairs Of Shoes Sure To Give You Happy Feet

    Warning: Shoe porn ahead.

    1. Sleek buckled rain boots so stylish, you'll want to rock 'em even on sunny days.

    2. Lightweight glitter sneakers to give any outfit an ever-necessary dose of sparkle.

    3. Embellished velvet Betsey Johnson ankle boots worthy of a star-studded event.

    4. Luxe-looking slouchy boots with a cozy faux fur lining that look wayyyyyy more expensive than they are.

    5. Quirky map-printed flats guaranteed to take you places.

    6. Classic Mary Jane heels so cute and comfy, they may make you swear off stiletto pumps for good.

    7. Glitter Converse that seem like the type of shoes mermaids would wear if they had...what's that word again? Oh...feet.

    8. Faux snakeskin booties (be they neutral or multicolored) sure to tip the fashion scales in your favor.

    9. Funky embroidered wedges that are oh sew cute.

    10. OMG-worthy mixed material Mary Janes to add some major texture — I'm talking corduroy, glitter, and faux snakeskin — to your life.

    11. Rose-embroidered mules literally no one will believe are under $20.

    12. Elegant embellished booties from Katy Perry's shoe line, because "Pearl" may be a really underappreciated track off of her Teenage Dream album, but these pearly stunners definitely won't go unnoticed.

    13. Surprisingly comfy wedges available in leopard or solids, so you can pick your pair based on how ~wild~ you want to get. Or you could just get them in every color, since they're so dang affordable.

    14. Strappy velvet sandals sure to make you wanna strut like you mean it.

    15. Chunky sneakers that are giving me serious '90s-dad-meets-Minnie-Mouse vibes and I am HERE for it.

    16. Posh loafers so affordable and classically chic, I feel like I barely have to try to tas-sell you on them.

    17. Jeweled flats that are a little bit basic, a little bit extra (which is honestly relatable).

    18. Western-inspired slingbacks sure to have you saying "yee haw!!!"

    19. Strappy faux patent flats that should come with a warning to telling you to buckle up for compliments.

    20. Checked, heeled mules for anyone who wants to look professional and high fashion at the same dang time.

    21. Cosmic mismatched Mary Janes that probably inspired the T. Swift lyric, "I never miss a beat/I'm lightning on my feet."

    22. Retro-inspired metallic sneakers whose motto is "Get new shoes, no need to keep the old — because we are silver and also gold."

    23. Pretty patterned Sam Edelman loafers befitting a member of high society.

    24. Dotted fabric mules that are basically the shoe version of the iconic dress from Pretty Woman — so passing them up would be a big mistake, HUGE.

    25. And finally, some superbly splurge-worthy Stella McCartney platform oxfords so awesome, Bradley Cooper just might start believing in you — a star is about to be born.

    You in these cute kicks:

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