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    8 Ideas For Creating Your Own Art Masterpieces For Your Boring Walls

    Wall art on a blank wall makes your home so much more interesting, doesn't it? But why purchase art online or in-store when you can create a masterpiece all by yourself.

    Getting a home for the very first time? Or perhaps you're just looking to redecorate your interior and bring a different sort of light to your space.

    Whether we care to admit it or not, it takes a lot of time to figure out how you want the interiors of your home to look like. And once you have the perfect style in mind for that, you need to decide on whether or not you would want to bring in a professional interior decorator or go ahead and take care of the task yourself.

    If you have the budget for it, you can always go for the option of a professional interior designer.

    But if you're in a bit of a tight spot, it's a great idea to look into DIY hanging wall decor.

    DIY to Make / Via

    Should you create your own wall decor?

    Nowadays, more and more people are finding confidence in their own creative skills and their artistic tastes. So they're giving DIY wall decor design a shot.

    But just because other people can do it, it begs the question of, "Should you?"

    The reality of DIY is that it's easy to mess up. But if you're willing to put in the work and the creativity plus the determination to do it, then I bet you're going to find this project fun and challenging.

    Evidently, the results will mirror your unique style and your taste. And at the end of the day, you can take full credit for getting it done your way. And for you decorating the large blank walls by yourself.

    Creative Ideas for Your Own DIY Masterpiece

    Now that you’ve made a firm decision to push forward with your DIY canvas wall decor, let’s talk about some cute and creative ideas you can incorporate. Consider your interior colors closely, and your room’s interior style before you start creating.

    #1 Scrapbook Wall Art

    Den Garden / Via

    A blank book dedicated for it is not the only place to demonstrate your scrapbooking skills. You can freely demonstrate your wicked scrapbooking abilities through your wall art. We found a fabulous piece where they created a giant flower out of flower wallpaper cut-outs shaped like petals. Paste them on canvas with a background color of your choice.

    It doesn't have to be just a flower either.

    #2 Instagram-themed Canvas Prints

    Homedit / Via

    You can turn your blank wall into your very own Instagram feed. The only difference is that it won't update and it will stay that way so long as you don't add new photos to hang or replace some of the ones you already have.

    Instagram is famous for giving us square-shaped shots. You can have someone customize the canvas prints for you and print out your favorite Instagram photos on a square canvas. Hang them up to form a gallery wall, arranged in symmetrical grids.

    #3 Glittery Chevron-themed Canvas

    Craft River / Via

    For some people, chevrons are a favorite aesthetic pattern. And if you want something dramatic hanging over key furniture in the room, you can try going for a chevron wall art piece, decorated with glitter.

    Start off with blank canvases and measure everything properly so the chevron patterns won’t be all over the place. Mark the spots with tape, and when you have the white zig-zagging patterns singled out, you can now cover the remaining spaces with the decoration of your choice -- glitters, sequins, paper cut-outs, your choice.

    #4 Paint Using Tissues

    Crafts by Amanda / Via

    If you want to create wall art that would involve exercising your children's creativity too, you can try out canvas painted using tissues. You can find specialty tissues in your nearby craft stores. And you can complete this freehand or with scissors or if you want more structure, you can choose paper punches.

    The end result should be you layering the tissue paper shapes randomly so you cover the wet canvas. It's as simple as letting it dry to create defined results.

    #5 Stenciled Canvas

    Cutting Edge Stencils / Via

    If you think stencils are only good for wall designs, you are wrong. You can do this yourself. And as mentioned, you don't need to be a trained fine artist to create custom piece of artwork. It's as simple as taking blank canvas and using stencil patterns to create your own design.

    #6 Cut-out Wall Art

    Joyfully Jensen / Via

    Gather a blank canvas, a stencil pattern, and preferably an Exacto knife. Carefully trace the pattern onto canvas and outline them with a pencil. When the patterns are ready, lay them on a cutting board and start painstakingly cutting out the edges. The end result should perfectly depict a lovely cut-out handmade canvas wall art.

    #7 Fabric as Wall Decor

    Decoist / Via

    If you want to create canvas wall art without too much hard work, you can do it as simple as getting blank canvas and then find the right fabric. Or if you can't find canvas, get styrofoam; cut it down to size and then wrap your favorite fabric around it like you're wrapping gifts. Staple them all together.

    #8 Doily Rub-on Canvas Wall Art

    We Heart It / Via

    Leftover doilies aren't so bad.

    You don't have to throw them out at the end of the day. In essential, all you really need are doily rub-ons, and blank canvases. It's as easy as arranging doilies on top of canvases, rubbing them on, and using decoupage to protect the rub-ons. It dries clear, so you're essentially free of worries.

    Create Your Own Masterpiece

    If you know exactly what you want your home to look like, and if you have the time and creativity to boot, then you should totally take a shot at devising your own wall art masterpiece. There’s no such thing as wrong wall art for your home, as long as it makes you happy.

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