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  • Casting The First Stone

    I’ve noticed lately that my news feed fills up with everyone pointing out how wrong those other people are because me, holier- than-thou, does not believe it is right. I understand voicing your opinions and expressing your beliefs - we all have some, whether it’s religion or parenting or politics, But what right do you have to kick them down just because you don’t agree with their lifestyle? Why do we as humans, think the only way we can live happily ever after in this big world, is by trying to force everyone else to mimic our own lifestyle. Why does your beliefs outweigh the beliefs of someone else? Just because you have your “right way” and I have my “right way” doesn’t mean that there has to have a “wrong way”, we can always agree to disagree without condesending one another. I mean are the small choices of others lifestyles really effect you so bad that you have to make mockery of them. i.e. So what that guy checks in at the gym every single day - and you just think it’s absurd and a waste of time and a call for attention. Did it directly cause harm or stress to your day? No. So let him do his thing. Don’t judge him. Don’t call him out, because I can promise while you’re judging him on some petty issue, someone is judging you for the pictures you post on your social network, too much flesh, too skinny, too fat. Someone is judging you’r appearance because it doesn’t match theirs. Then the circle will continue because were gonna use our energy judging and looking down on others choices, while someone is doing the same thing to us. Who are we to judge? We were all came out the womb innocent and we made the choices we did, it’s OUR responsibility to fix OUR mistakes and sins, not point out those in others. No two people are alike, no matter how hard you try you cannot understand what that person battles within themselves, so who are you to tell them what is right and what is wrong, because you have your own demons to handle. Worry about your problems. Focus on your life. And bring out the positive things in others that you’re more prone to judge or belittle for not having the same values or beliefs as yourself. Let God do the pointing fingers, because only he is “holier then thou” and has that divine right.

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