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    Just 13 Stock Photos I Found Funny

    Sometimes, you just have to pause and laugh at some stock photos.

    1. Dating App Pineapple

    A pineapple is sitting on a white bed wearing white sunglasses

    2. Horse Play

    Two people in horse masks are both sitting in chairs on the street playing the accordian

    3. I Believe I Can Fly

    Through a doorway, a man is frozen in the air over top of a bed

    4. Banana Boiz

    Five white men dressed in banana suits are sitting in the back of a van

    5. Cereal Hipster

    A man's face with a handlebar mustache and gold glasses is submerged in milk and fruit loops

    6. Fire and Ice

    A man dressed in a Monster energy drink tank top is holding katanas with a fire-looking background

    7. Unintitled

    A wooden mannequin is seen standing over a toilet bowl

    8. Sexual Squirrel

    Taken from below, a squirrel is holding its hands together as it clings to a tree

    9. This Relatable Woman

    A woman in a purple top with curly dark hair, red lipstick, and blue eyeshadow has her hands on her cheeks with her tongue out

    10. Eye Really Wish I Wasn't Here Right Now

    A man, depicted in black and white, is holding two camera lenses to both of his eyes

    11. I'm uncomfortable.

    A black heart on a white background with "mayo-nnaise" written in pink on the center

    12. Paradox

    A blue wall says "I milked an Almond Cow" in black

    13. Penguins Having Sex

    Two penguins are having sex against a rock.