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    Just 13 Stock Photos I Found Funny

    Sometimes, you just have to pause and laugh at some stock photos.

    1. Dating App Pineapple

    A pineapple is sitting on a white bed wearing white sunglasses
    Elena Cordery / Via

    This guy's name is Damien and his dating profile includes a photo of him holding a kid with a caption that says "not mine." He shows up 30 minutes late for your first date, proceeds to get wasted even though you're at a coffee shop that only sells beer and wine, and never texts you back even though he watches all of your Instagram stories less than five minutes after you post them.

    2. Horse Play

    Two people in horse masks are both sitting in chairs on the street playing the accordian
    Dominik Vanyi / Via

    You're walking along the street and you see this. Was it a fever dream?

    3. I Believe I Can Fly

    Through a doorway, a man is frozen in the air over top of a bed
    Darius Bashar / Via

    *record scratch, freeze frame*

    Voice over: "I bet you're wondering how I ended up here."

    4. Banana Boiz

    Five white men dressed in banana suits are sitting in the back of a van
    Fran / Via

    These guys are going to commit a heinous crime or do something so thoughtful you'll end up in tears. There's no gray area here. Banana vigilantes or banana villains: you be the judge.

    5. Cereal Hipster

    A man's face with a handlebar mustache and gold glasses is submerged in milk and fruit loops
    Luke Jones / Via

    This man got lost in the sauce. I just find it hard to believe that he's in this predicament because his beard and his glasses are so carefully curated. How does a man this put-together lose so much control of his life?

    6. Fire and Ice

    A man dressed in a Monster energy drink tank top is holding katanas with a fire-looking background
    Stewart MacLean / Via

    "Some say the world will end in fire. Some say ice. From what I've tasted of desire, I hold with those who favor fire."

    Is this the lonely island? Maybe. Did it take me a minute to realize this was just one person? Absolutely. Did I laugh harder when I realized it was the same man? 1000% yes.

    7. Unintitled

    A wooden mannequin is seen standing over a toilet bowl
    Giorgio Trovato / Via

    Not to make light of suicide in any way but I just feel like this mannequin is at the end of its rope and willing to end it all. What horrible travesty did they experience that he thought this was the way to go? Probably someone drew him looking really ugly.

    8. Sexual Squirrel

    Taken from below, a squirrel is holding its hands together as it clings to a tree
    Kulli Kittus / Via

    I just feel like this squirrel is about to text you "u up" at 2 am and then send you a Snapchat of him posing just like this.

    9. This Relatable Woman

    A woman in a purple top with curly dark hair, red lipstick, and blue eyeshadow has her hands on her cheeks with her tongue out
    Gemma Chua-Tran / Via

    Is it just me or does she look like a man just told her to smile?

    10. Eye Really Wish I Wasn't Here Right Now

    A man, depicted in black and white, is holding two camera lenses to both of his eyes
    Jakayla Toney / Via

    I feel like this man photographs babies and, here, he's trying to make one laugh to get the photo...but then the baby actually cries and the parents fire him. So he's looking into the abyss that is his future in these lenses.

    11. I'm uncomfortable.

    A black heart on a white background with "mayo-nnaise" written in pink on the center
    Patrick Perkins / Via

    Just because you can doesn't mean that you should. Truly, tell me: does anyone love mayonnaise this much?

    Also, isn't this word spelled super weird? I feel like it should have a French pronunciation or something.

    12. Paradox

    A blue wall says "I milked an Almond Cow" in black
    Daniel Salcius / Via

    This seems like some dumb shit a non-vegan would say that they think is so clever when it's really just annoying.

    I do think it's funny that it's spray painted, though.

    13. Penguins Having Sex

    Two penguins are having sex against a rock.
    Casey Horner / Via

    If you can't be immature and childish and laugh at animals gettin' it on, we can't be friends. Sorry about it.

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