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    28 Hilarious Things My Boyfriend Said While Watching Sex And The City: The Movie For The First Time

    Every Monday we watch a rom-com and he has hilarious reactions. Please enjoy.

    1. "Smith Jerrod. That's going to be my new gamer tag."

    2. "Is that man's name really BIG?"

    3. "That woman looks like Miss Vanjie."

    4. "If Mark Cuban and Jeffrey Epstein had a baby, it would be that man."

    5. (as Big is talking) "You never trust a man with a widow's peak. That dude is the bad guy. I don't know how but he is!"

    6. When's the last time someone said bicoastal?

    7. Samantha has real drag queen vibes.

    8. Is that how you do a fashion show? Don't you get dressed?

    9. Anthony: "The bride wore a dress by no one." Boyf: It's probably from Sears. A lot of times vintage clothes are from Sears and people don't realize.

    10. Oh that's Meryl Strepp. No wait Bette Midler. ...(in the Michael Scott voice) You're not going to Paris.

    11. Is that a caftan? Holy shit. Wait, it's Martha Stewart.

    12. He looks like that guy from Lilo and Stitch.

    13. Are you chasing the chandelier? Are we supposed to belive this? I think she's in a coma and her friends are her inner conscience.

    14. This guy buys a house and he thinks it's a love letter.

    15. That fucking spagetti looks so fucking good right now.

    16. Samantha, "come - sorry, there's no crayon equivalent." Boyf: it's pink, obviously.

    17. Carrie, "when Big colors, he rarely stays inside the lines." Boyf: that means anal. You know that means anal.

    18. Samantha is a criminal peeper.

    19. How did they get that much light in a closet? It looks like a fish tank.

    20. (Steve arrives at Carrie's engagement party) OMG he showed up?? He looks disheveled. Why did they make him look crazed?

    21. (the closet door opens) That door opens like a refrigerator.

    22. Pudding in her Prada would be a good TikTok name.

    23. Nobody asked you to put a bird on your head first of all.

    24. Charlotte is still covered in shit and humiliated and they're laughing as it fades to sunset. Like she's just a joke.

    25. Smith Jerrod is the voice of reason in this movie. They've made him out to be some vapid douche but he's the most reasonable motherfucker. He's the moral barometer of this movie. He guides the audience back to normal!

    26. New Yorkers and their area codes *big sigh*.

    27. This hat?? Samantha can't be serious. This hat is an umbrella.

    28. John is his Christian name. Call him by his street name.