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    20 Simple Vegan And Vegetarian Thanksgiving Recipes That Don't Suck

    To appropriately celebrate a year that's been anything but ordinary, why not try a Thanksgiving unlike any other?

    Why I Chose To Go Meat-Free

    Two years ago, I started my vegetarian journey RIGHT before "turkey day."

    A month earlier, I met a vegetarian boy, fell in love, aaaand promptly stopped eating meat. Nobody thought it would last, but two years later, here I am (and here we are, living happily ever after in our meat-free home).

    As a woman who has grown up in the south, it was hard for me to get away from the idea of "meat and three" since so many southern meals are centered around the idea of meat as a main course with vegetables as sides.

    I'm here to tell you that vegetables can and SHOULD be your main course! Most of what you love about meat is the way it's seasoned, and you can make vegetables taste just as good (if not better, IMHO).

    Plus, with so many meat substitutes available today, there's no better time to switch to plant-based! You don't even have to venture to specialty food stores or pay exorbitant prices, either - Walmart and Target both have fantastic meat-free food choices.

    If you're spending this Thanksgiving away from your family or with new friends, why not try something new by challenging yourself to attempt a meat-free meal?

    By the way, *I'm* thankful for websites that let you skip straight to the point, which is why every recipe I linked has a "jump to recipe" button at the top to make things easy on you.

    And don't worry - these recipes all have normal ingredients you can pick up when you're doing your regular grocery shopping.