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12 Reasons Why Visiting Home After College Sucks

You thought you were going home? No, you're going to a much shittier version of home.

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1. Your room is probably no longer your room.

It's the guest room, and your grandma has probably slept in your bed several times, so...

2. Your room smells like your Grandma.

3. Suddenly all of your pets are SUPER old.

They're rarely even awake.

4. Your parents judge your drinking habits.

Apparently having four drinks in one night makes you a borderline alcoholic.

5. You have no friends because they've all moved away.

6. It's actually pretty awkward hanging out with some of your friends from high school.

7. The odds of running into your Ex increase exponentially.

8. You might even see them with their new bae.

9. The one bar in your town is filled with drunk old people.

10. Some of those drunk old people are your former high school teachers.

11. Your parents constantly bug you about your mediocre job.

You promise it'll turn into something better!

12. At the end, you still have to go back to that mediocre job.

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