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6 Buzzfeed Articles I Am Tired of Clicking Through

Warning: no GIFs in this list

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6. The “1001 Things Everyone Thinks in This One Situation."

Everyone. EVERY PERSON ON THIS DAMN EARTH. Even though I, the author don't always think these things, I just need to make my annoying-ass list longer!! God damn it people.

5. The “Number of Things ONLY X Stereotype Can Relate To!"

ONLY you say? Because Engineering Majors are not the only people pulling all nighters. PSH

4. The “This Looks Interesting and Genuinely Funny Based Off The Title! PSYCH! It’s A Video"

Too bad you're in lecture.

3. The “List of Other Peoples Art.”

I have to admit, these articles often cite artists and provide links, admirable in this world of ignorant mis-captioning. BUT something feels off here. The author is clearly spazzing out over the fact that he's collected a few hundred views, however, he did not do anything but create a list! Tsk.

2. The “Lifehacks That Will Improve Your Life”

Two issues at hand here:

Firstly, this all reminds me of old school marketing. This is MAGIC it will "improve your life" dramatically. Eh.

Secondly, I have so many problems with the word Lifehack. Maybe I don't want someone to break into my life and infall spyware without me knowing! What ever happened to the term "Tips"? Why must a clever use of Apple peels somehow qualify as cheating life? WTF who coined LIFEHACKS?

1. The "Look Ma! I Collected 20 GIFs and Am Going To Throw Together A Crappy Story”

You know who you are.

In summary: Making lists, not that hard. The effects: not that funny


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