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25 Signs You're In A Relationship With Your Laptop

And it's getting pretty serious.

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1. You've woken up spooning.

2. You've taken an overseas trip together.

3. You always overreact if anyone else tries to touch your laptop.


4. Your mates have mentioned that you should probably spend some time apart.

5. But you still bring your laptop along when it's girls/boys' night.

6. Because you suffer extreme separation anxiety when you're not together.

7. In fact, you worry constantly that you're nothing without your laptop.


8. I mean, no one knows you like your laptop does.

9. You've given your laptop a nickname. Yes. Lappy counts.

10. You'd rather stay in with your laptop than go out and see people.

11. You've bought your laptop small gifts. Like stickers and adapters.

12. You guys spend most of your time in bed.

13. The thought of losing your laptop is too much to bear.

14. So you can be a little clingy.


15. And always paranoid someone else is after your laptop.

16. You've stayed up all night together.

17. More than once.

18. Even shared your search history.

19. And your Facebook password.

20. Not to mention all your banking details.

21. You have literally everything in common with your laptop.

22. Seriously, you even like the same TV shows.

23. Your parents totally don't get it.

24. They keep referencing Singularity Theory?

25. Anyway, you're pretty sure everyone is just jealous.

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