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20 Times Feminism Was About To Be Mansplained

Because if men weren't here to help, we'd never get it done. Oh, wait.

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1. "But listen, you've already got the vote."

2. "But listen, it's just advertising."

3. "But listen, if it makes you feel insecure that's your fault."

4. "But listen, I know because my boss is a woman."

5. "But listen, don't be so easily offended."

6. "But listen, it's meant as a compliment."

7. "But listen, men are stronger than women. It's just basic science."

8. "But listen, it's just political correctness gone wrong."

9. "But listen, I love women."

10. "But listen, you need to learn to take a joke."

11. "But listen, you just need to make it more accessible."

12. "But listen, women don't even like video games."

13. "But listen, what you need is a good marketing campaign."

14. "But listen, men are objectified too."

15. "But listen, it's about the right person for the job, not gender."

16. "But listen, if I had boobs I'd be proud of them."

17. "But listen, it's just boys being boys."

18. "But listen, it's just man-hating."

19. "But listen, it's simple biological programming."

20. "But listen, just be a bit more accountable."

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