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    • KatNotCat

      This doesn’t sound completely accurate. Women in the Victorian era and early 20th (1910s-1930s) century frequently wore low heels or boots with heels, even though fashions from some of those time periods typically would not bare much of the legs, much lessafull view of someone’s ass.  In terms of heel height and shape, heels from the 1940s/50s are often pretty comparable to those from the 1920s/30s, but this article claims women started wearing heels again due to an artistic style of Pin Up art that emerged around the 1940s, with no source provided. Men’s dress or daily shoes from the same time range would also featureaslight stacked heel—think ofatypical Oxford style dress shoe— and platform heels for men also hadaresurgence in the 1970s. Not that Buzzfeed can be expected to be an academic source, but still, this article could have been more interesting and accurate inalot of ways. (Yes,Ilike shoes quiteabit).

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