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Gift Giving Made Easy: 5 Affordable Gifts For The Roller Derby Girl

Use this list to find a gift for the roller derby lover in your life (or yourself!).

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A subscription box for women on 8 wheels (flat track, banked track, bowls, you name it).

Bout Betties / Via

A monthly subscription box that surprises and delights with awesome products like apparel, athletic snacks, beauty items, derby accessories, all of the stickers! coupon codes and other fun stuff. There’s a Lite version (cheaper) and a Juniors box for the lil’ derby peeps in your life. Get it here.

Price: $35

A gift card from the best skate shop online

Devaskation / Via

Let ‘em run wild to choose exactly what they need. This site has tons of equipment options like skates, wheels, helmets and so much more which is perfect for the newbie skaters and the seasoned Vet players. Gift cards are available here.

Price: $50

This fashionably kickass Smith Scabs safety gear set.

Smith Scabs Safety Gear / Via

Because ya know...cheetah print!! Every derby lover needs gear to stay safe, they might as well look freaking fabulous while doing it! This set includes matching wrist guards, knee pads, and elbow pads. You can get the adult set or snag a junior version here.

Price: $44.95

A NextGen Sisu mouthguard which is probably an upgrade with what they use now.

SISU Sports Mouthguards / Via

Keeping those pearly whites protected while maintaining a comfy & low profile in your mouth. The Sisu mouthguard is moldable so once heated, it fits exactly to your teeth layout. Buy it here.

Price: $24.99

A super cute and comfy pair of Fleo Shorts.

Fleo Shorts / Via

Fleo Shorts says it best, they just want to make something fun for the buns! Show your personality while looking great in these winter inspired booty shorts. High waisted shorts are always great to have, they keep you covered while being comfortable. Available here.

Price: $40.95

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