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    Hijacking #ExposePP: Best 20 Tweets

    When conservative tweeters started hating on Planned Parenthood with #exposePP, the response disproved the notion that feminists lack senses of humor. Reposted from Feminists-At-Large.

    1. Planned Parenthood pronounces .gif like “jif”. #exposePP

    2. Planned Parenthood put your name in the Goblet of Fire. #exposePP

    3. Planned Parenthood is so vain it probably thinks this song is about it. #ExposePP

    4. Planned Parenthood voted for Bobby Newport

    5. It Was Planned Parenthood’s idea to get rid of Google Reader #exposePP

    6. Margaret Sanger was racist! Down with PP! Thomas Jefferson owned slaves! Down with America! Wait... #anti-choicersbeforgetful #ExposePP

    7. While four Americans were being killed in Benghazi, Planned Parenthood sat and did nothing to save them. #exposePP

    8. Planned Parenthood canceled Firefly! #ExposePP

    9. Planned Parenthood made the IRS investigate AP over Benghazi. #exposePP

    10. Planned Parenthood has FAILED to stop the #outsourcing of American jobs to China. #exposePP

    11. My former employer covered Viagra but not my birth control pills. #exposePP

    12. Gays don’t cause hurricanes. Pap smears do. #lgbtqfacts #exposepp

    13. Planned Parenthood lets women make their own health choices without consulting their husbands or fathers, whose property they are. #exposePP

    14. Planned Parenthood tries to help women with MEDICINE, when we all know PRAYER works better. #exposePP

    15. I think Planned Parenthood ate that yogurt I left in the fridge even though I wrote my initials on the bottom AND the lid. #exposepp

    16. Some people believe even poor women deserve reproductive freedom. #exposePP

    17. Read the bible. It forbids abortion 34 times, government welfare 81 times, and Obamacare 37 times. Jesus was very clear on these. #ExposePP

    18. Planned Parenthood created the Comic Sans font. #exposePP

    19. Planned Parenthood thinks “irregardless” is a word. #exposePP

    20. Planned Parenthood secretly decreases abortions in their communities with comprehensive sexual health services!! OMG!! #Shock #exposePP