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10 Signs You're A Music Addict

Rock on!

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1. When you'd rather spend $200 on a concert than on groceries you actually need...

2. You've judged someone on their taste in music...and judged them hard

3. No S.O? No problem!

4. When people have the audacity to speak over your favourite jams, you hit them with this look...


5. Or this one, when they ask you to turn the volume down...


6. You've attempted a variety of instruments and vocals with varying degrees of success

7. You know there's a song out there for every high and low you experience

8. Speaking of lows...

9. You find excuses to talk about your favourite bands/songs to the point where you've annoyed your friends at least once

10. But in the end, you know there's nothing better than listening to/playing your favourite songs!

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