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10 Posts From Anonymous Apps Reveal How College Students Really Think

Whatsgoodly, Secret, and Yik Yak are anonymous apps used by college students. Check out some of the crazy insights from anonymous users.

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9. 79% of college students would have sex with their professor?!

Whatsgoodly App

Anonymous college students on the Whatsgoodly app voted that they'd actually bang their prof. WTF?

8. Looks like more students are cheating than you may have thought...

Whatsgoodly App

Looks like a combined 72% of students on the Whatsgoodly app think cheating isn't that challenging after all...

7. The real reason to work hard in college

Yik Yak App

Looks like one Kennesaw State student is really doing their best to keep their daughter out of that detox tea Instagram hustle. Via Yik Yak.

6. Bahahaha you know you've tried this at least once!

Whatsgoodly App

Thanks to everyone who voted on this anonymous Whatsgoodly poll, we have now crowdsourced the best ways to delay turning in homework.

4. Good to know who the real enemy is...

Whatsgoodly App

Over half of the anonymous students surveyed on this Whatsgoodly poll feel that the real threat is the student loan debt.

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