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5 Myths About Community College

So we've all heard the dreaded commentary about how Community College is disgustingly bad and only drop-outs and divorcees attend (Thanks Community!) but really, it's probably one of your best options. NOTE: All of these are actual quotes I've actually heard.

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"Community college is for dumb people who can't get into a *real* college."

Really? That's what you're going with? First, I'm just gonna say that community college is a real college...that's why it's called college. Second, no. No it's not. It's given me just as good of an education that my friends at 4-years are getting and i've paid less than half of what they're paying, so there's that. Truth is, most people go to community college for the money aspect.

"Employers don't respect community college degrees"

While this can sometimes be true, it depends on the employer. Many students often transfer to 4-years so the degree is given from the 4-year. But even if you get an associates from a 2-year, IT'S STILL A VALID DEGREE THAT YOU WORKED HARD FOR AND SHOULD BE PROUD OF.

"None of your credits will transfer"

I cannot emphasize the "it's a real school" bit enough. But let's get technical, just like any other school, you have to choose the classes that will transfer. Yes, it's true that some credits will not transfer into a 4-year, but that could very well be due to the fact that there's a similar class that's taught by a different curriculum, or whatever. But even if you were transferring from one 4-year to another, some credits will transfer and some will not. Just talk to the advisers that are available to you.

"You're just going to be in class with a bunch of old people"

Yes, there will be some adults in your classes. Personally, I find it refreshing especially in social science classes. They bring a new perspective and a different outlook into classes. But the point is, the good majority of community college students are recent high school graduates. You heard it right folks, young adults do go to community college!

To wrap things up, community college is not the Devil's college. It's a great place to start your further education and you can do it without breaking the bank and your credit in the process. I personally believe that people should definitely start out at a community college to raise their GPA, get a feel for college curriculums and most importantly, SAVE MONEY before they dive right in to a 4-year or a University.

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