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Quick Kitchen Renovation Tips

Our kitchens are one of the most important spaces in our homes. After all, it’s where most of our meals are cooked & prepared and oftentimes where they’re eaten too. Considering all the hours spent here, this particular room of the house should not only be visually pleasant but highly practical as well. Creating the right kitchen environment will allow you to freely whip up those lovely morning pancakes or Sunday roasts, whatever it may be. Whether you’ve moved into a bit of a fixer-upper or just need a bit of a change to your current abode, be sure not to neglect what many see as the heart of the home. If your kitchen is in need of a bit of love, keep on reading for some quick and easy tips for remodelling your kitchen below:

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Storage & space is key to cooking up a storm


An important aspect to a great kitchen is ample space and storage. Unfortunately,

you may find yourself limited by the size of your kitchen and the current space

available to you. However, implementing the right kinds of storage can free up a whole load of space you didn’t even know you had. Think plenty of cabinets, shelves and simpler things such as jars to store basic pantry items. Having the right storage also means you can easily find what you’re looking for - don’t waste time searching for the paprika on the spice rack.

Replace your kitchen benchtops for an entirely fresh look


Your kitchen bench is where some of the most action happens, from chopping up the vegetables, to mixing up a batch of ingredients for tonight’s dinner. Replacing or upgrading this part of your kitchen can do wonders for the overall space, especially as this surface takes up a large part of the area and is easily seen. Consider investing in high quality surfaces such as marble, granite or quartz stone. These materials are fortunately not only beautiful choices, but economical too. For instance, quartz countertops are known for its exceptional durability as well as easy application and ongoing maintenance.

Out with the old and in with the new (appliances & utensils)

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Sometimes all it takes to get your kitchen feeling brand new isn’t a complete

overhaul, but rather the introduction of one or two, shiney new items. If you’ve had the same toaster for more than ten years, maybe it’s time for an upgrade. When it comes to appliances, many of these pieces tend to sit right on the kitchen benches or are part of the kitchen's visible display. Therefore you may wish to think of your appliances as you would any other piece of furniture in your home. You can even implement many kitchen utensils as part of an interesting kitchen interior design.

Get that lighting right, both day and night


If you’re going to get the lighting right in any room, it should be the kitchen. As

always, the best way to go is natural. It’s likely that your kitchen is already placed in a naturally well lit area, but be sure to take advantage of this. Open up your blinds and curtains and let that natural light flow in. Rely on strategically placed ceiling lights and lamps for when the sun goes down. Ensure the most lighting is placed on top of your central island, or main bench top counters. This is usually the spot where you are preparing and serving food, so it’s important it can be easily seen.

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