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10 Things That Start Happening When You Begin Interning For Free

Interning: It's working full time for free so that maybe one day you can do the exact same job and get paid.

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1) You Resent Everyone in the Office Who Actually Gets Paid

2) Waking Up For Work is an Unbearable Torture


Time to wake up at 6am, work for 9 hours and earn nothing.

3) You're Treated As If You Know Nothing About Life


Have you ever used Microsoft Word?

No. I live in a bubble without a computer. My University degree has taught me nothing.

4) Refusing To Stay At Work Any Longer Than You Have To

-Is it Ok if you stay a little longer to finish this task?-Sure. If you pay me.

-Is it Ok if you stay a little longer to finish this task?

-Sure. If you pay me.

5) Forming An Alliance With Your Fellow Unpaid Interns


You're all poor, miserable and resent everyone else.

6) You Have No Social Life


Any spare time you do have is spent either sleeping because you're tired, or sleeping because you can't afford to leave the house.

7) Pretending That You Love Interning


-How was your first week?

-Oh it was great. I did the tasks you didn't want to do and now I can't afford to drown my sorrows on a Friday night because I've spent all my money on travel.

8) You Quickly Start Searching For Paid Positions


I give up on my dream career, I just want a job that pays!

9) You Turn Down Invitations To Be Social Because Being Sociable Is For Paid People


Sorry I can't come out tonight, I'm too busy not being able to afford life.

10) You Find A Small Amount Of Joy In The Fact That You're 1 Step Closer To Your Dream Career


Despite your moanings and hatred of life, you are actually interning for a purpose.

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