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Be The First To Broadcast 4K At Home

A video shot entirely on the Phantom Flex 4K Camera. Cut together into a series of beautiful slow motion actions, all at 1000 fps. Some of the most unique footage on the web, as slow motion at this quality is scarce. Video was filmed for SES, a satellite company based in Luxembourg. The footage was premiered at IBC and is now being broadcasting the video in 4K via satellite. INFO TO BROADCAST: Satellite reception parameters: ASTRA 19.2 East Transponder: 1.035 Frequency: 10.994 GHz Polarisation: Horizontal Symbol Rate: 22 MS/s DVB-S2 Modulation: 8PSK FEC: 5/6 Pilots: on Service names 'Astra Ultra HD Demo' and 'SES UHD Demo Channel' What's great about this video is how often you can be surprised by some of the footage. When the gymnast does a backflip, her head stays in one place, and her body wraps around. It's surreal. The footage is serene and graceful. Can't get enough of these images, they're sharp, crisp, the color is beautiful. Couldn't ask for more from a camera. It’s unique from any other slow-motion at such high quality.

katieschwarz 5 years ago