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    • katiep54

      The Church really is caught between a rock and a hard place in the internet age. As a person raised in the LDS faith and actively practicing until I was 35 years old, I think I am qualified to give some input. The Church teaches that it is true with a capital “T”. This black and white thinking is really going to be the undoing of the religion, if you ask me. When faithful LDS people learn the real historical truths about Joseph Smith and other early leaders that contradict the simplistic fairy tale they learned at church, extreme cognitive dissonance sets in. There really is no good answer for the Church because the disturbing things that are found online are by and large true and verifiable. For me, this meant accepting that the religion I was born into was most likely a total fabrication started by Joseph Smith and perpetuated to this day by the current leaders. This was a hard thing to go through, but I am glad that I had the courage to look and see the truth for what it is. For some people the “goodness” of the current LDS Church is enough for them to ignore the historical warts. For me personally, this was not the case. The Church asks a lot of its members (3 hours on Sunday, many volunteer “calling” hours during the week,frequent temple attendance, cleaning the chapel, personal scripture study, family home evening, visiting/home teaching, and on and on! This doesn’t include the church covenanting members in the temple to also give their time, talents and literally all they have to the building of the kingdom. And on top of all that, they demand 10% of your income too!) If a church is going to ask that much of me, I will gladly give it IF IT IS TRUE. When credible evidence to the contrary was presented to me, I decided it was best to cut my losses. I did not receive enough benefit from my association with the Church (spiritual or otherwise) to justify such a high cost. I sense many other members are beginning to think this way too…