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18 Pieces Of Proof That Cam'ron And His Girlfriend Have The Perfect Relationship

True love is finding someone who thinks you're really hot and gets your weird sense of humor and cracks you up all the time for 10 years. These two melt my heart.

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1. This is Cam'ron and his fiancee Juju. They've been together for 10 years.

Nice ring, Juju.

2. They crack each other up because they're both total weirdos who think they're hilarious.

3. They have their own motto.

4. Here they are cracking each other up by being total weirdos in a bodega together:

5. They wear ridiculous clothes outside together.

6. Juju has a shirt with Cam's face on it BECAUSE WHY NOT.

7. True love is cuddling when you're wearing a shirt of your partner's face, I'm pretty sure. I read it in a magazine.

8. They are simpatico re: their opinion of whether they are cool motherfuckers.

9. Juju has MORE THAN ONE shirt with Cam'ron's face on it. Because this is insane true love.

10. Cam'ron's take on the #ThisCouldBeUsButYouPlaying hashtag game

11. They love to party together.

12. They have waterfights. Waterfights! This is so cute!

13. Because they get each other's dumb jokes instead of getting mad.

@iamjuju_ was a lil tipsy when I came in... She said, "why u late?" I said.." I shouldn't be telling u this.. Bitch, But I'm a Superhero." She said... "I Knew It"

14. They fuck around in the supermarket parking lot riding on the back of carts like kids:

15. There was a time he asked her to go grab something out of the car just because he loves watching her butt.

@Iamjuju_ I ain't even have no cigars in da car. Lol #CreepLife @bossmobbsnagz lol

16. Oh, and there's this wildly inappropriate photo (not sure if it's real)

@iamjuju_ bustin one, sittin on da di#% (nh while da water hits da clitoris. Made her say hollauah!! 💦 Lol

17. Oh, and when he posted this (TMI, but kind of weirdly sweet?):
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