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14 Things You Can Buy With Bitcoins

Stop hoarding those bitcoins and start shopping! Oh, and yes, you can hire an escort.

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5. The priviledge of browsing OkCupid ad-free

If you use an adblocker on OkCupid, it shows you a message saying that in lieu of viewing ads, how about making a one-time $5 donation. Although OkCupid doesn't yet have an official method of accepting bitcoin, an enterprising miner asked the support staff if they would accept it manually, and they accepted it.

7. Someone to write your term papers for you

Too busy mining bitcoins to finish that WesternCiv paper? No sweat! A shady term paper writing service will write it for you. They promise the paper will pass anti-plagiarism software checks and will take rush orders.

8. Male fertility testing

A doctor from Fertility Care of Organe County posted an offer to r/Bitcoin for a male fertility screening in exchange to be paid by bitcoin. After 3 months, someone indeed took him up (the doctor reported to Reddit the patient's sperm count was healthy).

No offers for female fertility services so far.


9. A vet check-up

A Redditor took his cat and dog in for a checkup, and convinced the vet to accept bitcoin payment:

"Was there with my cat and dog for a checkup, talked to him about it ... he didn't have time to listen right now. He heard about it before but doesn't know a lot about it. I asked him to call me later if he's interested.

And then when I got to pay I asked if I can make this one payment with Bitcoin ... and he said "sure, why not".

So I opened a wallet for him, and paid. So much fun."

10. Delicious BBQ ribs

Firehouse BBQ in Salt Lake City, Utah, is owned by bitcoin enthusiast Tom Westlund. Westlund told BuzzFeed he hasn't received any bitcoin customers lately, since the price has gone up. However, he and his buddy have been tinkering around creating their own version of bitcoin called BBQCoin. Yes, that bitcoin for BBQ.

11. Cookies

Cookies 4 Coins is exactly what it sounds like. Cookies take 2-3 days to arrive to your home, which makes me worried they won't be that fresh (the image above is NOT from the, it's a way more delicious looking cookie).


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