14 Things Naturally Loud Talkers Are Tired Of Hearing


    1. "Take it down a few decibels, please."

    2. "Do you always yell?"

    3. "Can you please speak in a normal tone of voice?"

    4. *said to an adult* "Use your inside voice."

    5. "Don't you hear how loud you are being?"

    6. "I can hear you, you don't need to talk so loudly."

    7. "Ssssshhhhh"

    8. "Hussshhhh."

    9. "My ears are hurting."

    10. "You don't need to shout."

    11. "Stop. Can you tell me this at a normal volume?"

    12. "Seriously, can you lower your voice?"

    13. "Stop shouting!"

    14. "Please, the baby is sleeping"