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These Vintage Knock-Off WWE Trading Cards Are The Best Thing Ever

Who doesn't love Stone Cold Stev Austin?

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"Triple H" (uhhhhhhh....)

Russell Craig, a 17 year old in Australia, bought a pack of WWE trading cards at a cheap toy store (he can't recall exactly where) back when he was a kid. Looking at them now, he realized something was....... off. He posted them to Reddit's wrestling board for everyone to enjoy.

If you're a fan of Attitude-era WWE, then you'll simply LOVE see "Mrk Henry" and "Stev Austin".

"Mrrk Henry" (Mark Henry)

"Edge" (photo is of Jeff Hardy)

"Montg Brown" (Monty Brown)

Stone Cold Stev Austin. Love him. Austin 3:17!

"Booktb T" (TKTKTK)

"Carluto" (Carlito)

"JordonOrlando" (Jordan Orlando)

So close.... almost... (Eddie Guerrero)

Simply "Samoa". (Rikishi)

[UPDATE: A reader pointed out that even though his real last name is Bautista, he wrestled as Batista, therefore this card is miraculously correct]

"Hitting". Just "Hitting". AMAZING. (Bobby Lashley)

More Hitting. (Bobbly Lashley)

Super official cards (Russell said he doesn't remember any coin or foil cards in the pack).