There Is A Duran Duran Themed Island On Second Life

For unknown reasons, August 10 is Duran Duran Appreciation Day. But on Duran Duran Island in Second Life (it’s a real thing!), it’s every day.

1. Nick Rhodes as a frightening digital avatar makes an appearance

2. Sadly, Simon Le Bon never shows up

3. Nick Rhodes hanging out with a fan/inhabitant of the island

4. Nick Rhodes apparently arrived on the Island by SCUBA diving there

5. Rhodesy is looking a little undead

6. It’s evening, and he still hasn’t changed out of his SCUBA suit

7. This is what Duran Duran Universe looks like (note giant portraits of band members)

8. Scary eye-covered mountains on the Island

9. For some reason, Roger Taylor is now a robot

10. DJ robot Roger Taylor doing a sound check

11. Roger Taylor is no longer a robot

12. Whoa whoa whoa, what is real and what is fake; I can’t tell anymore

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