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The Weird Denny's Pop-Punk Experiment Of 2009

In a strange move, the chain diner partnered with bands to make signature dishes. Sum 41 "Sumwich", anyone? Early Katy Perry–inspired milkshake?

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Think back to 2009. Doesn't seem all that long ago, right? But what if I said "Sum 41 had their own Denny's sandwich"? Now it seems really far in the past, right?

Back in the late aughts, Denny's launched a menu aimed at young late-night snackers called "Denny's Allnighter," featuring signature dishes endorsed by various popular bands at the time. There was a decided pop-punk lean to the bands selected.

Take a deep breath in, and whisper "Hoooooooooobastank" as you exhale. Now let's examine some of the playbill for this high-calorie menu:


Good Charlotte's "Band of Burritos"

Denny's Corp

According to a Denny's press release from 2009: "Available in two varieties, this dish comes as a vegetarian-friendly Boca® Burrito or a Smoked Chicken Burrito with shredded cheese, sliced mushrooms, fire-roasted peppers and onions and spicy mayo. Both are served with tortilla chips and ranch dressing."


Girls Like Boys' "The Great Eggscape"

A play on their song title, "The Great Escape," this was a hot roast beef sandwich with scrambled eggs, peppers and onions, Pepper Jack cheese, and spicy mayo on sourdough.