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    The 17 Most Misandrist Things That Ever Happened

    God save men.

    Don't be fooled, people. Misandry (discrimination towards men) is totally real. Here's the proof [trigger warning - totally misandry ahead]:

    1. The time Paris did this:

    2. This fortune cookie:

    3. This misandrist bathroom sign:

    4. This workout routine:

    5. The time men discovered women's restrooms have a "candy machine":

    6. What these female penguins do:

    7. This graffitti:

    8. This woman shopping:

    9. The time a girl got a direct hit on Harry Styles's nards with her shoe:

    10. The time a man was banned from posting in r/BigBoobsProblems just because he doesn't have boobs:

    11. Tumblr's auto-suggest for searches:

    12. This conversation on OKCupid

    13. Firefox's spellcheck refusal to believe misandry is a real thing:

    14. This card in the game Taboo:

    15. This book written by Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen:

    16. This mug:

    17. This kick to the nuts:

    When will this national nightmare end?!?