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The 31 Most Country Moments That Ever Occurred

Seriously, y'all.

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1. Toby Keith's inner monologue

2. LeAnn Rimes' 1998 bangs

Diane Freed / Stringer

3. Merle Haggard in an I <3 Haters hoodie

4. This highly accurate graph

5. Taylor Swift's intense dance moves at any awards show

6. Willie Nelson lighting a joint on his tour bus

Houlton Archive / Getty

7. Johhny and June Carter Cash leaving Kansas State prison

Getty / Hulton Archive

8. '80s Garth Brook singing the national anthem at the Super Bowl while Marlee Matlin signs

George Rose / Getty

9. This truth

10. Miranda Lambert and Carrie Underwood cracking up on the set of the "Something Bad" video

11. George Jones' silver lamé shirt and diamond "G" necklace

Hulton Archive / Getty

12. Big Smo's moonshine fountain

13. Reba McEntire in a sequin American flag gown

Vince Bucci / Getty

14. This Google map of Johnny Cash's "I've Been Everywhere"

15. A Dolly Parton pinball game

16. Toby Keith in a crushed velvet blazer holding his son in a leather onesie

Frank Micelotta / Getty

17. Drinking out of red solo cups on a boat

18. The most '90s outfits ever known to humans on the Dixie Chicks

Frank Micelotta / Stringer / Hou'ton Archive

19. This baby onesie

20. The bromance between Blake Shelton and Luke Bryan

21. Blake Shelton's 2002 mullet

Vince Bucci / Stringer / Getty

22. Waylon Jennings playing guitar

Rusty Russell / Stringer

23. The guy who ran into Jason Aldean at a Walmart at 3 a.m.

24. A tire swing dangling over a lake on a summer day

25. This giraffe that HATES Brad Paisley

26. Brad Paisley's face taking a selfie in Westboro Baptist Church protesters

27. Jason Aldean and Luke Bryan in 1994

28. Luke Bryan performing on a pickup truck surrounded by flames

29. Taylor Swift awkwardly photobombing a fan's photo with Keith Urban

30. The Tammy Wynette highway

31. Whatever's going on inside the Do Drop Inn