The 31 Most Country Moments That Ever Occurred

Seriously, y’all.

1. Toby Keith’s inner monologue

2. LeAnn Rimes’ 1998 bangs

Diane Freed / Stringer

3. Merle Haggard in an I <3 Haters hoodie

4. This highly accurate graph

5. Taylor Swift’s intense dance moves at any awards show


6. Willie Nelson lighting a joint on his tour bus

Houlton Archive / Getty

7. Johhny and June Carter Cash leaving Kansas State prison

Getty / Hulton Archive

8. ’80s Garth Brook singing the national anthem at the Super Bowl while Marlee Matlin signs

George Rose / Getty

10. Miranda Lambert and Carrie Underwood cracking up on the set of the “Something Bad” video

11. George Jones’ silver lamé shirt and diamond “G” necklace

Hulton Archive / Getty

12. Big Smo’s moonshine fountain

13. Reba McEntire in a sequin American flag gown

Vince Bucci / Getty

14. This Google map of Johnny Cash’s “I’ve Been Everywhere”

15. A Dolly Parton pinball game

16. Toby Keith in a crushed velvet blazer holding his son in a leather onesie

Frank Micelotta / Getty

17. Drinking out of red solo cups on a boat

18. The most ’90s outfits ever known to humans on the Dixie Chicks

Frank Micelotta / Stringer / Hou’ton Archive

20. The bromance between Blake Shelton and Luke Bryan

21. Blake Shelton’s 2002 mullet

Vince Bucci / Stringer / Getty

22. Waylon Jennings playing guitar

Rusty Russell / Stringer

23. The guy who ran into Jason Aldean at a Walmart at 3 a.m.

24. A tire swing dangling over a lake on a summer day

25. This giraffe that HATES Brad Paisley

26. Brad Paisley’s face taking a selfie in Westboro Baptist Church protesters

27. Jason Aldean and Luke Bryan in 1994

28. Luke Bryan performing on a pickup truck surrounded by flames

29. Taylor Swift awkwardly photobombing a fan’s photo with Keith Urban

30. The Tammy Wynette highway

31. Whatever’s going on inside the Do Drop Inn

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