The Kennedy’s Pets

Parakeets, horses, rabbits - the Kennedy family has quite the menagerie!

2. Macaroni (Caroline’s horse)

Kennedy Library / Getty

3. Tex, a Yucatan bay pony

4. Charlie, the Welsh terrier

5. Charlie and Pushinka

Pushnika was a gift from Premier Khrushchev, and he was bred from one of the dogs that the Ruskies shot into space!

6. Pushnika with pups

7. Irish spaniel Shannon, Welsh terrier Charlie, German shepherd Clipper and pet Pushinka’s puppies.

8. Charlie and Clipper, a German Shepard

9. Parakeets Bluebell & Maybelle

10. Robin, a canary

Photograph by Alfred Eisenstaedt / Via

11. Tom Kitten the cat (held by Jackie’s press secretary)

Photograph by Paul Schutzer / Via

12. John also had a little dauschund as a young man

13. Hamsters Debbie & Billie and rabbit Zsa Zsa

Definitely a real photograph, not doctored. The technology to insert hamsters into a photograph doesn’t exist yet, duh.

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